prior generation ski better than current gen?

1 year 9 months ago #37509 by mickeyA
What prior generation ski's are out there that are as good or better than the current generation version?  Stability/speed tradeoff, and comfort are main considerations.  One goal would be to find non-current models at great deals.  Naturally, non-current models are likely to sell second hand for less than used current-version ski's, so if there are any where current model did not improve much, or any, it makes sense to look at the older model.  Or if you already own the prior gen, you may be comfortable staying with it vs buying new model.  The following is VERY unscientific and based purely on my non-professional assumptions from reading posts here over the years.  Some older skis are probably as stable and fast and comfortable on flats, but not surfing, so just speaking in general terms.
SR:  g2 was a vast improvement over g1 (so don't bother looking for g1 models).  
SEI:  g2 was a vast improvement over g1.
SEL:  g2 was arguably not much, if any, of an improvement over g1 (g1 could be a good buy).
V10:  g1 was a pioneer, but does stand up to the subsequent versions from a stability/speed, and comfort standpoint.
g2 was a vast improvement over g1; g3 was a minor improvement over g2, so g2 could be a good old boat that can hang w/ g3.
V10Sport:  g2 was a significant improvement over g1.
V12:  g2 did not make the g1 obsolete.  Most seem to say g2 surfs better, but g1 is faster in flats w/ slightly less stability for roughly even stability/speed tradeoff.  No noticeable comfort pickup.
Swordfish:  SF S (~gen 2) may surf a bit better, but not a monumental upgrade from the extremely popular SF.  Not sure if Fennix SF fits in this as gen3, though I guess SF S is no longer made.  Not sure if any upgrade.
Elite:  Elite S is probably a significant upgrade over Elite??, but I have been paying attention more to intermediate ski's.
Evo:  g2 seems to have been a home run, large improvement over g1.  g3 does not seem to send all the g2 owners scrambling to toss theirs to get the newest version.
not sure at all about 520, 550, 560 that just came out w/ g2.  The L, ML, etc confuses me, makes it more difficult to compare.

I know there are plenty more skis that have been successful enough to continue on w/ new models (many just fade away).  These are just a few of the more popular ones.  As such, it appears as though Epic V10 g2, Fenn SF (prior to S), Think Evo2, and Stellar SEL g1 are out of date models that still perform on par, or near, w/ the newer models.  Agree?  Disagree?  Any other non-current models that rival the newest model?

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1 year 9 months ago #37510 by LaPerouseBay
A friend of mine from Melbourne once told me that the first gen v-8 had more rocker than the second.  Epic is on gen 3 now, if I'm not mistaken.  He knows his skis.  He had one and wishes he had kept it because it surfed better than the newer models.  I'd like to see one and try it.  They probably are easy to spot, with the old venturi scupper.  

The gen 1 v-10L is a better downwind boat than the gen 1 v-10.  They have the same hull.  Above the seam - the bucket is further forward, so it works better.  It also has less volume in the nose (still plenty up there at 21'-6").  The gen 2 v-10L is a good flat water boat - but no rocker.  It does not surf well - compared to a rocker boat. 

I suggest great caution - if someone is looking for a deal - on a boat that will be used for downwind.  The newer models may appear to have only minor changes, but it doesn't take much to radically change the behavior of a boat in the surf.

I'd probably pass on a "deal" for a  g2 v-10 vs a g3 v-10.  If the seller is into downwinding, they are probably going to flip the g2 for a g3...  I shudder think of all the money I've spent on skis (2 used, 4 new).  I'm frugal and don't have a lot of extra money to toss around at the latest and greatest.  But if it's going to be for downwind, I'll pay.  Be careful of boats that are not specifically designed for their intended use.  Big difference on the fun-o-meter.      

downwind dilettante

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1 year 9 months ago #37530 by agooding2
My understanding of the G2 versions of the Nelo boats is that they have lowered the seat so the second generation versions are more stable than the first.  I have not paddle any of the second generation versions myself though.

After paddling the 1st generation Nelo 550 all summer I am comfortable in flatwater and only mildly concerned in waves up to a foot.  If I paddled in the ocean though I might prefer the second generation one to the first.

-- Andrew

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1 year 9 months ago #37531 by wesley
Evo 3 is an improvement over 2g in terms of speed, rudder shaft, rudder yoke, lower hump, and slightly more narrow bucket. Evo 2 more stable. so depends on what your priority is. 
Sel 1G poor bucket but wonderfully stable and fast, more so than Sel 2G. 2G ok tweener ski between intermediate and advanced skis if trimmed correctly to the paddler. 
V12 1G I liked better than V12 2G since for my conditions it was a better all-around ski, though at it worse in upwind quarter seas with bow moving.  V12 2G also takes more attentiveness in quartering seas than it should. 
V10 3G different ski than 2G though both for bigger paddlers. 2G faster flats and can be a handful in conditions unlike the 3G that has very good rough water characteristics( more rocker) and shorter. 
So pick your ski based on the waters your primarily train/race in used or new. Or get 2 skis.  We are products of the water we train in. 

Wesley Echols
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