Surfskis that need a redesign for 2019

5 years 6 months ago #33202 by wesley
Dicko's reply is correct. You can't assign 1mph to my scale and many factors are in play.

My new 2019 Comparison chart will be out in a few weeks which I will be adding 10 skis or more. Remember the chart when it comes out,  is relative to other skis so the numbers will change slightly of the previous skis as I add the newer skis. I don't believe their will be any surprises since most of the skis have been out for a while except the Stellar SEA that I have been paddling for a few months now.I will add the Nelo 560L, 560ML with caveats, 550L, and I just recently got a V10L after reviewing the it when it came out years ago so have better perspective now on it. Anyone that has tried an Ion 3G knows it is an excellent ski and in the right skilled paddler the V12 2G though speed in my time trials were virtually identical with Ion 3G Elite though stability and feel is quite different. I will be adding the Zen Elite too  that I hope to have in a few weeks too and others that I have reviewed but not added to the chart. So stayed tuned.  The chart with my written reviews and the surfski comparison spec chart done by KW Dave will provide food for thought for the new paddlers, intermediate paddlers moving up, and advanced paddlers looking to switch. What is lost most often in looking at the chart is personal FIT of the cockpit, hence the need to try them before you buy or you have a high confidence they will fit you based on all your research. Nothing worse than an ocean ski that is too tight! to impede stability. 

Wesley Echols
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Thanks Wesley and other for explaining the speed difference. 
This does means I can no longer use my boat as an excuse for not going faster. hahaha

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