2013 Hawkesbury Classic times, sorted by ski type

10 years 6 months ago #19164 by AR_convert

SlowPoke wrote: WA might as well be a separate country to the East with the costs that would be associated with entering our market.

However it is my heart rather than my head that makes me want to see an Aussie ski available to me and up there taking on all comers.

Too true, we known how cheap the South African skis are over there and when they pack container loads of them to come here it certainly makes it hard for the already more expensive to produce Kiwi, European and Aussie made skis to compete.

Still, while we miss out on some brands I am certainly thankful for the many skis that are sent here for the Doctor that then end up on the "slightly used or demo" lists of dealers. People upgrade and as a result we certainly have a healthy second hand market which in turn drives competition to sell new skis.

Always looking for the next boat :)

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