Extreme Surfski - Oscar shows the way

Thursday, 19 October 2006 21:25 | Written by 
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ImageOn the Surfski newsgroup there's been much discussion recently about how the northern hemisphere is approaching winter.  The denizens of the far north are discussing the finer points of dry suits, hypothermia and the benefits of slipstreaming icebreakers...

In an astonishing scoop, Surfski.info is proud to reveal how South African paddlers tackle cold weather...  See below. 

Veteran paddler and adventure writer Joe Glickman had the unique opportunity of paddling with Oscar Chalupsky in a snow storm in Brooklyn NY.

Oscar had clearly come prepared...

Oscar Chalupsky - extreme surfski
This photo left me caption-less...

"It was a classic day," Joe said, "Oscar had never paddled in snow before and thought we were the toughest bastards on the planet."


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