Product Launch: Carbonology-Sport Cruze

Tuesday, 12 March 2013 09:38 | Written by 
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Carbonology Cruze Carbonology Cruze

Carbonology Sport launches a new surfski into the beginner market today: the Carbonology Cruze.  The Cruze is aimed at the same market segment as the Think Eze, the Fenn Bluefin and other ultra stable skis.

“It handles like a dream, turns well, pops waves well, pulls out of waves well, does not nose dive and is super stable,” said Hein van Rooyen, CEO of Carbonology Sport. 

“I can’t fault it... but I am biased after al!” he laughed.

Launch Parties

The ski is being officially launched tonight at the Blue Water Canoe Club time trial in Port Elizabeth and will also be featuring at the St. Francis Bay time trial on Wednesday.

Carbonology Cruze Surfski

Vital Statistics

  • Length: 5.5m/18’0.5”
  • Width: 56cm/22”
  • Max height: 33cm/13”

Weights and Layups

  • Glass Epoxy Vacuum: 13.5kg/29.8lb
  • Hybrid Carbon/Glass Epoxy Vacuum: 12-12.5kg/26.4-27.5lb
  • Carbon Foam Epoxy Vacuum: 11-11.5kg/24.3-25.4lb
  • Carbon/Aramid/Foam/Honeycomb: 10kg/22lb



  • Front and back carry handles
  • Recessed neoprene handles on either side of the cockpit
  • Elliptical rudder
  • Rear deck bungies
  • Auto-adjustable foot pedals
  • Bullet scuppers
  • Dry compartment
  • Breathable bung
  • Optimised paddle entry (cut-aways) forward of the cockpit


Contact Carbonology Sport:

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