McGregor wins Cape race; Mocke wins World Series

Sunday, 16 December 2012 21:21 | Written by  Gameplan Media
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Hank McGregor wins his second consecutive South African single surfski champs (he's not sure how many he's won in total!) Hank McGregor wins his second consecutive South African single surfski champs (he's not sure how many he's won in total!)

Fish Hoek – Paddling superstar Hank McGregor overcame a world class field to successfully defend his South African S1 Surfski Championships title in the Cape Town Downwind on Sunday whilst locally based Dawid Mocke cemented his position at the top of the Oceanpaddler World Surfski Series standings.

Unhelpful Weather

With conditions being relatively unhelpful paddlers were forced to grind away at the 18km course from Miller’s Point to Fish Hoek Beach and a sprint finish always looked likely.

Cape Town Downwind Race

Before we could race, we had to bundu bash down to the picturesque beach near Millers Point

True to form though McGregor opted to take the race into his own hands and a bold move with six kilometers to go gave the defending champ a rare advantage in the encounter.


“I’m obviously really stoked to have been able to defend my SA title and to have won a big event like this is great,” said McGregor. “To have won the final leg of the World Series also puts me in really good stead going forward and gives me some good momentum as I look to focus on surfski a little more in 2013.”

“I got a bit of a fright early on when I got a piece of kelp stuck on my rudder heading out to the turning can and when I couldn’t shake it I really thought I was going to have to jump off my ski.”

Cape Town Downwind Race

Matt Bouman pulls the bunch upwind

“Fortunately it came loose as we turned by which stage I quite a long way off the pace but this probably actually helped me in the long run because it helped me focus on working my way back up to the front.”

“By the time we got back in line with the start line I was up to about third and I think we all knew from there it was going to be a really tough race,” he added.

Making the move

With a light South East and not much swell to work with, taking one’s opportunity and capitalizing on any window of opportunity given by one’s competitors became crucial and when McGregor (Team Best 4 Kayak Centre) made his move a kilometer before the Roman Rock Lighthouse he made sure he made it stick.

Giant of a competitor – Matt Bouman

“The conditions are very different to what we’re used to in Durban. Here the runs come right up your tail so it becomes really important to make sure you take advantage of them wherever you can and fortunately Matt (Bouman) and I managed to push the pace just before the lighthouse which gave me a bit of a buffer coming into (Fish Hoek) bay,” said McGregor.

Despite having flown well off the radar in recent months Bouman showed just why he is a competitor very few are willing to write off in any major contest as the giant of a competitor held off a strong late surge by local paddler Simon van Gysen to claim the second step on the podium.

Dawid Mocke and Matt Bouman

Dawid Mocke and Matt Bouman dice it out downwind

“I’ve been doing a bit of Oscar (Chalupsky)’s training recently which focuses quite a lot of longer distance so it was awesome not bombing out in the second half of the race this time,” said Bouman.

“The pace wasn't all that hot going out to the turning can with that pretty tough headwind but once we turned it was like a hand grenade went off and the shrapnel went in all directions as the guys chose all sorts of different lines.”

“Hank and I went a little deeper which seemed to work a little better for us but I didn’t really have much of a plan out there today. I was just looking to have a bit of fun and I did that so I’m very chuffed.”

“It was a good, tough race but once again though Hank just showed his class,” he added.

Hank McGregor

Hank McGregor - 2012 South African single ski Champion

Cape Town paddlers 3, 4, 5 and 6

Having patiently waited his turn van Gysen put in a remarkably quick final quarter of the race to cruise past fellow local elite paddlers Sean Rice, Jasper Mocke and Dawid Mocke who claimed fourth to sixth respectively.

World Series Champion – for the fourth consecutive time

Despite his sixth position in the final race of the Oceanpaddler World Series, series defending champ Dawid Mocke did enough to rid any mathematical chance his younger brother Jasper had of claiming his title although a win in the second event of his local Fish Hoek Surfki Festival would have been the cherry on the top for one of South Africa’s premier open ocean paddlers.

“I gave it my all out there today but Hank and Matt went really well and possibly with myself, Jasper, Sean and Simon having not seen them in a while we rested on our laurels a little too much but hats off to them for a great effort,” said Mocke.

“It would have been really nice to have won the title with a win here in Cape Town, especially with it being my home turf but this is now four World Series titles in a row for me so I’m definitely still happy with how things have gone for me.”

“This one is particularly nice as there were a couple more guys actually going for the title and I really hope even more will try give it a go in 2013,” he added.

Women’s race

The women’s race was just as fascinating as the men’s encounter as local top performer Nikki Mocke overcame Plettenberg Bay based Michele Eray (Team Jeep) and Durban’s Michelle Burn (Team Jeep) to claim the national title.

Nikki Mocke and Michele Eray

Nikki Mocke, neck and neck with Michele Eray.  A record of field of 26 women entered the race

“It definitely came as a bit of a surprise for me but it was just great to be out there and having a neck and neck battle the whole way,” said Mocke. “With Michele’s injury and me having a nine month old baby both she and I have had a bit of time out of competitive paddling but it was great to be able to battle it out against her again.”

“I got away early but I was going a little too quickly to feel comfortable and I knew in these conditions I’d need quite a bit of energy to catch the runs so I eased off a little and then Mich and I diced it out for much of the way.”

“I took quite a shallow line, probably because was so busy focusing on catching runs than where I was going but fortunately Mich came with me and I was able to come home first which is great,” she added.


A competitive junior field was led home by the fast rising Kenny Rice who finished narrowly outside the top ten overall in thirteenth position whilst renowned surfski paddler Oscar Chalupsky had a paddle to remember en route to finishing fifteenth.

Coming up tomorrow… SA Double Surfski Champs

Monday sees the doubles component of the SA Surfski Champs with the men’s race another mouthwatering affair. McGregor will team with regular doubles partner Grant van der Walt (Team Best 4 Kayak Centre) and the defending champs will be closely followed by the pairings of Bouman and Len Jenkins, Dawid and Jasper Mocke and Simon van Gysen and Sean Rice.

The women’s battle is expected to be dominated by the pairing of Nikki Mocke and Michele Eray however they will have to overcome a strong challenge from Michele Burn and Danica Bartho and the rest of the women’s field.

The SA S2 Surfski Champs takes place at 12h00 on Monday 17 December from Miller’s Point to Fish Hoek. More info can be found at

Cape Town Downwind

Full Results

1 HANK MCGREGOR KZ 1:08:09.65 M1 1 100
2 MATTHEW BOUMAN KZ 1:08:26.40 M2 (SV)1 100.41
3 SIMON VAN GYSEN WP 1:08:32.27 M3 2 100.55
4 SEAN RICE WP 1:08:46.10 M4 (U23)1 100.89
5 JASPER MOCKE WP 1:09:33.03 M5 3 102.04
6 DAWID MOCKE WP 1:09:40.53 M6 (SV)2 102.22
7 RICHARD VON WILDERMANN EC 1:09:55.57 M7 4 102.59
8 BARRY LEWIN KZ 1:10:17.25 M8 5 103.12
9 BRANDON VAN DER WALT KZ 1:10:38.92 M9 (U23)2 103.65
10 TOM SCHILPEROORT WP 1:10:56.46 M10 6 104.08
11 DARYL BARTHO KZ 1:11:05.15 M11 (SV)3 104.29
12 LEN JENKINS JNR KZ 1:11:13.70 M12 7 104.5
13 KENNETH RICE WP 1:11:14.24 M13 (U18)1 104.51
14 GRANT VAN DER WALT KZ 1:11:55.11 M14 (U23)3 105.51
15 OSCAR CHALUPSKY KZ 1:12:08.45 M15 (SM)1 105.84
16 GRAEME SOLOMON WP 1:12:16.31 M16 (V)1 106.03
17 DOMINIC NOTTEN WP 1:12:57.58 M17 (U18)2 107.04
18 IVAN KRUGER WP 1:13:08.37 M18 (U23)4 107.3
19 STEVE FARRELL WP 1:13:09.25 M19 8 107.33
20 ADAM NISBET KZ 1:13:29.31 M20 9 107.82
21 BRETT BARTHO KZ 1:13:32.47 M21 10 107.89
22 STEVE WOODS EC 1:13:45.14 M22 11 108.2
23 ADAM BOTHMA EC 1:13:54.38 M23 12 108.43
24 ANDRE SANTOS 1:14:00.97 M24 (SV)4 108.59
25 SHAUN RUBENSTEIN WP 1:14:13.21 M25 13 108.89
26 CRAIG FLANAGAN WP 1:14:20.46 M26 (U18)3 109.07
27 SCOTT RUTHERFOORD KZ 1:14:23.35 M27 (SV)5 109.14
28 PAUL MARAIS WP 1:14:30.55 M28 (V)2 109.31
29 JUSTIN MADDOCK WP 1:14:36.68 M29 14 109.46
30 ASHLEY CARSTENS WP 1:14:48.37 M30 (U23)5 109.75
31 GREG GOODWIN WP 1:15:00.75 M31 (SV)6 118.16
32 MATTHIEU GRU WP 1:15:36.85 M32 15 110.93
33 MATTHEW TEBBUTT EC 1:15:56.18 M33 (U23)6 111.41
34 IAN TRAUTMANN WP 1:16:05.28 M34 (V)3 111.63
35 GRANT WOOLLASTON KZ 1:16:06.70 M35 (V)4 111.66
36 BEN BROWN 1:16:13.72 M36 16 111.84
37 ERNEST VAN RIET WP 1:16:15.22 M37 (SV)7 111.87
38 GARY CROMIE WP 1:16:26.13 M38 (SM)2 112.14
39 BRENDAN THOMPSON EC 1:16:34.59 M39 (SM)3 112.35
40 ROB WELSH EC 1:16:40.84 M40 (SGM)1 112.5
41 GAVIN SEARLE KZ 1:16:45.36 M41 (M)1 112.61
42 ROB HART WP 1:16:53.72 X1 (SM)4 121.12
43 JEAN AUSTIN WP 1:16:55.03 M42 (SV)8 112.85
44 DAVID BUCKLOW WP 1:16:58.06 M43 (SV)9 121.24
45 SHANTI STEWART WP 1:17:07.70 M44 (U18)4 113.16
46 ANDREW CARTER EC 1:17:09.24 M45 (SM)5 113.19
47 EUGENE VAN DER WESTHUIZEN WP 1:17:22.07 M46 (SM)6 113.51
48 KYLE FRIEDENSTEIN EC 1:17:28.03 M47 (U23)7 113.65
49 WARREN VALENTINE KZ 1:17:32.88 M48 (V)5 113.77
50 OLIVER BURN KZ 1:17:40.44 M49 17 113.96
51 DANIEL KANTOR WP 1:17:44.35 M50 (V)6 114.05
52 NICHOLAS NOTTEN WP 1:17:56.54 M51 (U18)5 114.35
53 MICHAEL DOBLER 1:17:57.28 M52 (V)7 114.37
54 BRANDON KILBRIDE WP 1:18:19.19 M53 18 114.9
55 PAUL EYQUEM 1:18:34.26 M54 (V)8 115.27
56 VINCENT NAERT 1:18:47.73 M55 19 115.6
57 MARC GERMIQUET KZ 1:19:03.84 M56 (SV)10 116
58 ANDREW TURNER WP 1:19:07.06 M57 (SV)11 116.07
59 BYRON MC KIE KZ 1:19:08.78 M58 (U23)8 116.12
60 TYRONE SMOLDERS WP 1:19:09.94 M59 (U18)6 116.15
61 NIKKI MOCKE WP 1:19:25.60 F1 20 116.53
62 STRETCH STRUWIG KZ 1:19:26.63 M60 (M)2 116.55
63 CALVIN MC KIE KZ 1:19:50.36 M61 (U18)7 117.13
64 MICHELE ERAY EC 1:19:56.41 F2 21 117.28
65 DOMINIC STRANO WP 1:19:56.90 M62 22 117.29
66 STEPHAN DU TOIT WP 1:20:00.24 M63 (SM)7 117.38
67 JAYME THOMPSON EC 1:20:30.24 M64 (U18)8 118.11
68 MICHELLE BURN KZ 1:20:47.68 F3 23 118.54
69 GARETH PINKNEY WP 1:20:55.66 M65 24 127.48
70 MARK GEVERS WP 1:21:11.24 M66 (SM)8 119.11
71 JOHN STANDLEY 1:21:17.74 M67 25 119.27
72 MARKUS BURRI EC 1:21:22.18 M68 (SGM)2 119.38
73 MIKE SCHWAN WP 1:21:24.57 M69 (M)3 119.44
74 KEVIN HILL WP 1:21:29.08 M70 26 119.55
75 EVAN RIDGE EC 1:21:32.85 M71 (V)9 119.64
76 GENE PRATO KZ 1:21:33.16 M72 (U18)9 119.65
77 NICK VAN ZYL WP 1:22:13.94 M73 (SM)9 120.64
78 LINTON HOPE KZ 1:22:21.72 M74 (M)4 120.83
79 DAANTJIE MALAN WP 1:22:31.49 M75 (M)5 121.07
80 GRAHAM HOLM GA 1:22:35.56 M76 (SGM)3 121.17
81 PAUL LANGE WP 1:22:42.70 M77 (M)6 121.35
82 QUINTON MILLER WP 1:22:51.25 M78 (SM)10 121.56
83 CHARL DREYER WP 1:23:22.91 M79 (M)7 122.33
84 JOHN DE SMIDT EC 1:23:25.77 M80 (SGM)4 122.4
85 JOE BOY KZ 1:23:34.42 M81 (SGM)5 122.61
86 ANDREW HARDIE WP 1:23:37.69 M82 (V)10 122.69
87 KEN COLLINS KZ 1:23:54.33 M83 (V)11 123.1
88 MALCOLM PITT KZ 1:24:07.38 M84 (SV)12 123.42
89 ANTON CARTWRIGHT WP 1:24:17.25 M85 (V)12 123.66
90 ROB MEINTJES WP 1:24:19.83 M86 (V)13 123.72
91 KIM VAN GYSEN WP 1:24:27.61 F4 27 123.91
92 GARTH WATTERS WP 1:24:28.53 M87 (SGM)6 123.94
93 ANGIE MOUDEN 1:24:38.17 F5 (U23)9 124.17
94 SHAUN BUTLER WP 1:25:09.48 M88 (SGM)7 124.94
95 ANDRE BOTHA KZ 1:25:25.36 M89 (M)8 125.33
96 BIANCA BEAVITT WP 1:25:33.39 F6 (U23)10 125.52
97 DAVID RUSSELL EC 1:25:56.27 M90 (U23)11 126.08
98 THEUNS MATTHEE WP 1:26:02.77 M91 (SM)11 126.24
99 DANICA BARTHO KZ 1:26:03.00 F7 28 126.25
100 CHLOE BUNNETT 1:26:15.12 F8 29 126.54
101 KERRY LOUW EC 1:26:45.10 F9 30 127.28
102 DALE LIPPSTREU WP 1:26:45.99 M92 (SGM)8 127.3
103 ANDRE JOOSTE WP 1:26:49.51 M93 (SM)12 127.38
104 FRANCOIS SISAM WP 1:26:57.30 M94 (SV)13 127.57
105 KIRBY MACINTOSH 1:27:03.83 M95 (V)14 127.73
106 NIKKI RUSSELL KZ 1:27:20.30 F10 31 128.14
107 CRAIG SUTHERLAND EC 1:27:30.34 M96 (SM)13 128.38
108 JENNA WARD KZ 1:27:30.84 F11 (U23)12 128.39
109 SAMANTHA MURRAY WP 1:27:34.91 F12 (U23)13 128.49
110 ANTONY LAKE WP 1:27:38.09 M97 (U23)14 128.57
111 ELOISE VAN GYSEN WP 1:27:40.76 F13 32 128.64
112 STUART BRISTOW WP 1:27:51.51 M98 (U16)1 128.9
113 ALEX TOPLISS WP 1:27:55.14 M99 (U18)10 128.99
114 AMY HARE WP 1:28:00.72 F14 (U16)2 129.12
115 ANDREW ROWLES 1:28:01.66 M100 (SV)14 129.15
116 NIGEL HARVEY GA 1:28:09.63 M101 (SGM)9 129.34
117 ANNA NOTTEN WP 1:28:32.06 F15 (U23)15 129.89
118 IAN RUSSELL EC 1:28:41.99 M102 (SGM)10 130.13
119 CRAIG WEBSTER KZ 1:28:49.36 M103 (SM)14 130.31
120 JONATHAN HOLLINSHEAD KZ 1:28:52.77 M104 (V)15 130.4
121 ADRIAAN HOEBEN WP 1:29:02.30 M105 (SV)15 130.63
122 MIKE HALLIDAY KZ 1:29:08.01 M106 (GM)1 130.77
123 KIRSTEN FLANAGAN WP 1:29:20.90 F16 (U16)3 131.08
124 VERNON O'CONNELL KZ 1:30:07.16 M107 (SGM)11 132.22
125 NEIL MACDONALD WP 1:30:08.76 M108 (M)9 132.26
126 BRETT KELLY WP 1:30:16.63 M109 (V)16 132.45
127 ROB MOUSLEY WP 1:30:25.48 M110 (SM)15 132.66
128 PATRICK ELEY KZ 1:31:06.15 M111 (GM)2 133.66
129 JOHANN DE WET 1:31:12.89 M112 (SV)16 133.82
130 KIM PARKES KZ 1:31:29.20 M113 (SGM)12 134.22
131 RUSSELL SOLOMON KZ 1:31:31.96 M114 (M)10 134.29
132 ANTJE MANFRONI GA 1:31:43.00 F17 (V)17 134.56
133 RICHARD LEMESURIER WP 1:32:30.54 M115 (SV)17 135.72
134 LENNART OHLSSON WP 1:32:36.51 M116 (SGM)13 135.87
135 JEAN MARC HARDY 1:33:06.21 M117 (SM)16 136.59
136 ROB SMITH EC 1:33:23.86 M118 (M)11 137.03
137 ANDREW TORR WP 1:33:47.71 M119 (M)12 137.61
138 KIRSTEN GELDERBLOM WP 1:33:55.43 F18 (U23)16 137.8
139 EUGENE HUGO 1:34:13.76 M120 (SV)18 138.25
140 STEVE BOTHA KZ 1:34:26.83 M121 (V)18 138.57
141 ANTON ERASMUS EC 1:34:48.14 M122 (SGM)14 139.09
142 GARY RALPH GA 1:35:10.12 M123 (SGM)15 139.62
143 MARK JOHNSON KZ 1:35:15.47 M124 (M)13 139.75
144 JULIE CORNELIUS KZ 1:35:38.19 F19 33 140.31
145 NEIL BARROW GA 1:36:23.82 M125 (SV)19 141.43
146 ROBYN SMITH WP 1:36:24.02 F20 34 141.43
147 DAVID FERGUSON GA 1:37:36.53 M126 (GM)3 143.2
148 GILL ANDERSON WP 1:37:44.33 F21 (SM)17 143.39
149 JEREMY BARNES 1:38:00.43 M127 (M)14 143.79
150 PATRICK BLOUNT KZ 1:38:27.27 M128 (SGM)16 144.44
151 ASHLEY BARNES WP 1:38:33.61 F22 (SM)18 144.6
152 CANDICE MURRAY WP 1:39:39.71 F23 (U18)11 146.22
153 THEA VAN DER WESTHUIZEN IN 1:40:14.81 F24 35 147.07
154 GAVIN VORWERG GA 1:42:06.86 M129 (SV)20 160.85
155 BRUCE SALT 1:42:18.31 M130 (SV)21 150.09