Video of the week: Paddling with dolphins (Hawaii) ** updated **

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Video of the week: Paddling with dolphins (Hawaii) ** updated **

It's always a treat when dolphins come to play - but I've never seen them behaving like this...  "Hyprian" aka Ian Foo went out for a paddle after work near Kaiwi Point on Hawaii Island, Hawaii.  Dolphins came out to play - and stayed with him for 30 minutes...

We occasionally get Spinner Dolphins here in Cape Town and there's a spot in the corner of Hout Bay where they hang out - but I've never had them do more than a pass around the front of the ski.  

According to articles I've read, Spinner Dolphins are prevalent on the Kona Coast of Hawaii Big Island - so I'm guessing the dolphins in the video are Spinners.

Check it out!


** Update **

I emailed Ian to confirm that they are Spinner Dolphins in his video...

He replied: "It is really important for people who do NOT surfski or play in the ocean to realize how amazing our ocean and nature is and to preserve it ! - Yes, they were spinners, but I was lucky that day ( again ) and they stayed with me for a long time ...30 mins. I wished I could have gone faster ( technique sucks ) but I'm an OC-1 person and I only Surfski once a week. I think you saw the other whale video too -

Thanks Ian!
Here's the whale video:

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