Nathan Baggaley Arrested Again

Wednesday, 21 November 2007 06:23 | Written by 
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It appears that Nathan Baggaley and his brother have been arrested again - this time on even more serious drug related charges.  

Nathan Baggaley
Nathan Baggaley in happier times

Hoping to make a comeback

The former Olympic medalist had been intending to make a comeback to surf ski paddling at the upcoming Hong Kong Dragon Run and Dubai Shamaal races, in spite of being refused reinstatement by Canoing Australia after serving a two-year ban for the use of steroids. It is believed that the refusal was related to existing charges of manufacturing and supply of illegal drugs.

The new charges, if media reports are accurate, appear to be of a more serious nature and it is doubtful if his bail conditions will continue to allow him to leave Australia.  (His previous bail conditions had been amended to allow him to train and compete overseas.)

New Charges

According to ABC Online in Australia, "Police say the pair will be charged in relation to the manufacture and supply of MDMA, the chemical used to make ecstasy."

The new charges are by the NSW Police whereas he was previously charged in Queensland. 

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