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The Strika surf ski caters for all different levels of paddlers, ensuring for you the customer that the surf ski is stable and user friendly. Simple designs and concepts also mean that the ski is suitable for paddlers of all different heights.
The ski is exciting to paddle and definitely not slow. The extra stability without the sacrifice of too much stability has made the strika a firm favourite with a wide range of paddlers. With a ski like this you never have to worry if the wind is blowing too hard or the sea is too choppy the design makes it manageable at all times. The ski design gives the paddler both primary and secondary stability which in turn gives you a quicker turning circle while also making it effortless to catch and ride the waves.
Standard features are the adjustable pedal system with self draining foot wells. Not forgetting that this allows the ski to fit all types of paddlers and the skis are made using the revolutionary vacuum infusion process, ultimately giving you’re a far superior and stronger craft.

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Crikey , what a perfect craft that has business slow ?
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I Just got one of these ski's after having a Green 7 pro. The G7 is nice ski but too unstable for me in choppy conditions. Downwind and head into the waves Ok. Scary to turn around. in anything over a foot high chop. Drains like there is no tomorrow.
I only do 12km/h over 10 15 ks. Sprint speed 16km/h for short distance. 1k distance 13km/h. On flat fresh water. So that indicates my mediocre ability.
Only get to the beach once a month so Im very inexperienced in the ocean.
The Strika for me as a weekend hack.
On the flat. speed is down about 1km/h over long distances, sprint speed also down 1.5km/h. Compared to the G7. Off the GPS.

Stability, a very slight twitch (in the chop)but no were near the G7 or Fenn Elite. Where the two other mentioned ski's feel that way on the flat. The Strika is a plank on the flat.
Secondary really solid. I can do support strokes the same as in my white water river kayaks. To the point of physically falling out of the bucket where the white water kayak you can fall right over then roll up. Though I was impressed how far I could fall and catch it.

Comfort. Im only 5`11`tall 31 inch inseam 80/85kg.
No where near as comfy as the G7 but about the same as the Fenn Elite. The feet are same height as bum. The hump is low but too long for my calves but not too bad. The foot pedals are too low so you have to push with the heels. I will lift these so the rudder flaps can be controlled by the toes only.
Small chop couple feet high. Paddling out into the wind. Moves very solid in the water not much bow slap, just a nice bow lift and fall. Runs quite flat, keeping as much hull in the water for as long as possible.

Same conditions, with heading into the wind and chop off the quarter bow. Same steady feeling with just accassional brace. Nice and strong paddling in still acheived.
Catches the small chop very easily with very good stability. Not quite as fast as the G7 but can still out run the waves and get onto the waves infront. Still fun

In 2m slightly choppy conditions (light winds) but with seperated swell. Paddling out, very good drive, stability very settled. Turn arounds no fuss. On following swell. Oh so much fun. Speed not much different than the G7 as the Strika can still run down the wave and onto the next in front. So the speed is Ok. (Not great, but enough) Though once again the stability makes for stress free fun.

The bad
Apart from the average seating area and long hump as mentioned above. Here are a couple not so good bits.
The scuppers are useless dont drain at all. So I had a look inside. There a tubes from the footwell to the scuppers. The tubes run along from the footwell and then travel up before going back down to the scuppers. I assume this stops water coming back into the bucket as the tubes are higher than the feet area. So this makes the required suction too much for the water to be able to be removed. I think. I will fit shorter tubes shortly and will make them travel down and out, without the upward bend. This will allow water in when stationary but I assume then it might actually suck out too. Then if that works fit the scupper bullets to speed it up.
As mentioned earlier too. The foot straps are too low.
Due to having short legs. If the foot straps are tightened up it is impossible to get the feet out in a hurry as your heels get trapped by the front of the hump. The hump is too long. Very dumb shaping there. The adjustable foot plate can be moved furthur back than this so the problem will be even worse. So I think when I lift the footplate this will help that issue.

Side saddle. Up over the seat and straddle legs in. Up over the back deck pulling up to the seat then sit up and in. All very easy.
I could only do up over the stern then into the seat on the G7 In any chop
I practiced all many times with 100% success. The G7 about 50%. The G7 if I did 4 tries then I became tired. I did half a dozen tries on the Stika of each method and I was fine.

Price second hand in Australia. $700 it is in good condition. I think they are about mid to high $2000 when new. Price of G7 cork $4000 ish. Would I pay an extra $2500 again for the small amount of extra flat water speed. NO.
Is the Strika fun. YES
Is the Strika well built. Its average, but not as good as a Fenn or G7. It feels strong. Will I cry if I break it NO, because it was cheap. If I had broken the G7 it would take me years to save up for another one. Yes I would have cried.
I have flat water K1's and multisport kayaks so a fast unstable ski isnt needed for flat water as the G7 is basically the same as a multisport kayak in regards to speed. So I needed some stability for rougher ocean conditions because I dont get enough ocean practice.

After 4 days away on the coast with many different conditions where a versitile ski was needed not just a ski that can only really handle downwind conditions I came away having a awesome fun few days and I was very impressed being able to use the ski in downwind, upwind, side wind chop and reasonable clean swell. With a big smile the whole time.
If I needed to get another ski would I pay more for another Strika and be happy with its performance. Hell yes. Would I pay double the money for another brand. No.
I dont see the need nore do I see much real difference. Though Im inexperienced, But for what I do the Strika will do just nicely. Is it perfect, NO. But good enough.
I dont follow the fashion police nore the hype.
I am not sponsored, nore am I paid, I do not have any affiliation with any ski company. Im just a normal paddler that has to buy everything with my own money.
I hope this info could be helpfull to anyone looking to get what I think is an intermediate ski thats pretty good, Not perfect. Very versitile and can be had reasonably cheaply.
I'm sure there will be critisism of my views. Though its what I think and that cant be blown away.

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