Nelo 600 Tandem for Sale in Rhode Island USA

3 years 4 months ago #36992 by Attilio
We are selling our Nelo 600 because we prefer touring kayaks instead and I need to make room for a Nelo Waterman on my racks. This 2018 model boat was purchased from Mark McKenzie from Elite Ocean Sports and it remains in the same good condition when we took it. There are no leaks, just a handful of minor, superficial gelcoat scratches. All the fitments and accessories such as rudder, steering, footrests, pedals, drink containers and rigging are in good working condition.

The boat is the most durable and second lightest Carbon/Kevlar WWR #4 layup weighing in at a delightfully easy to carry 39lbs especially for a 20 foot ski. We stored it indoors in our basement on properly curved racks, rinsed it regularly after use and applied 303 protectant wax to protect the finish. All recommendations from Nelo for proper care were followed including "treating it like a baby" as published on their website. This means no dropping, dragging on the ground, banging against things, launching from land or landing the boat against the shore and always got into it when it was already secure on water deep enough it wouldn't be hitting rocks or bottom. This isn't our first composite boat so we took care of it like one should to make one last.

We live in Northern Rhode Island and wish to sell for $2,600 or best offer. Local pickup only, we will not ship due to risk of mishandling a large item like this.

Serious, interested buyers can text me on my cell that they wish to purchase this Nelo at [written as such to avoid spam bots]:
Area (Four Zero One)
Seven Four Three
Four Zero Nine Nine 

or email me [again written as such to avoid spam] at
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