fast and stable ski - solar gyroscope

14 years 9 months ago #2185 by Birchy
i guess most of know the usual strategies employed by ski manufacturers recently to make fast skis relatively stable, and understand how this can limit efficiency / speed.

But how about adding a gyroscope? Inside the deep foredeck section I suggest mounting a fully sealed (maintenance free), vertically oriented, flywheel to provide active balance. This would be directly powered by a small solar panel on the deck, without the need for a battery. Because the flywheel has very low friction, it could rotate quickly even in cloudy conditions.

Imagine the stability this could give the ski. How would you use this stability to design a faster ski? Narrower? More circular cross section? Raised seat (allowing even narrower ski)?

Of course the downside is the additional weight, i'm thinking 1-2 kgs, and cost. And it wouldn't work too well at night.

Anyone think I'm onto a winner?

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  • Brad
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14 years 9 months ago #2186 by Brad
Using solar power to aid stability and hence speed could be construed as un-sportspersonlike. It wouldn't have to be solar powered though - could operate like a foot pump, and wouldn't take too much energy from the paddler ...

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14 years 9 months ago #2187 by Dale Lippstreu
Hi Birchy

I see 2 problems. The stability effect of a gyroscope relates directly to its weight - to get an appreciable stability effect you need an appreciable weight.

A slighly less obvious problem is that the precessional gyroscopic force that will be generated when you turn the ski will roll it over. It could be quite amusing seeing someone tearing down a run, hit the rudder and do a snap roll but I am not sure that this would give rise to a competitive advantage.

Otherwise great idea!

PS where do you get the herbs???

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