Custom fit buckets- why not?

5 years 4 months ago #33160 by PSwitzer
Since the 2019-re-design thread is going off the rails with everyone's fantasy wish-lists, I'm putting my own fantasy idea in it's own thread: In this age of CNC machining and 3-D printing, how hard would it be to design a bucket that can be perfectly customized for anyone's anatomy?

I'm thinking that it would be possible to build the bucket as a 2 part design-the "base" layer that is integral with the rest of the hull, and then a "liner" in which the dimensions are customized to the paddler.  OC1 builders already do this by employing a foam seat that the customer can sand out to their preferred specs.  Can anyone imagine going back to the days in the OC1 world when the seat was rigid and immutable, like the infamous torture seat on the Hurricane?

The difference with skis is that the bucket is much closer to the bottom of the hull, but these days the butt is always higher than the feet so I think there would still be room to work with.  I think even 1 or 2 cm of customization could make a massive difference and unless I'm mistaken most skis have the bucket 20mm or more off the bottom of the hull?

The customer could sit in a gel or sand trap type thing so the butt leaves an impression which is then scanned and used to print the liner.  No more coccyx chafe! No more numb leg! No more hip pinch! 

Join me fellow brothers and sisters who suffer from poor surfski fit, and demand better! Viva la revolucion!!!
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5 years 4 months ago #33161 by MCImes
Replied by MCImes on topic Custom fit buckets- why not?
Luckily my butt fits most buckets well, but like you say, in the era of 3D scanning, printing, and CNC machining, I see no reason you couldnt customize things. 

Like you say, ski makers would need to come up with a 2 part design that allows a custom insert to be attached to a neutral socket. That seems easy enough. If anything, less detail in the bucket would likely make laying up a ski easier. 

V-moda does this with their hardphones.
Its obviously a magnitude of order less complicated that a ski bucket, but the proof of concept is there. 

I think if you could have a customized bucket option for less than a couple-few hundred dollars this would be great for the hard core or hard to fit crowd.  

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