Light weight night light

7 years 11 months ago #26303 by ShaneS
Hi all

Here's a little gadget I thought some others might want to try :-)

I've started squeezing a couple of extra paddles into my week before work, and with winter here that means a start in the dark. In our neck of the woods that means an all round white flashing light.

I looked at the various suction cap and tape-on lights around, then thought why not use the perfectly suitable GoPro mount already on back deck of my ski. If you are worried about being seen from the front another head mounted light can work, turned off until needed to preserve your night vision. You can also get an elevated GoPro stalk mount if you'd like it a little higher for visibility.

This one uses the excellent little light from Oceanpaddler

To fit it to the GoPro bracket I used a GoPro tripod adapter which screwed straight into a hole drilled into the light's existing clip, drilled just undersized so the thread self-tapped. Added a bit of Sikaflex for security. Attached picture collage gives the general idea....

So now an excursion in the dark is as simple as clipping on the light, and for daylight runs back to a clean deck or the camera fitted to catch the action.

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