Nelo Vanquish Surfski

5 days 6 hours ago #40472 by MMaister

it seems like there is a new design from Nelo called Vanquish. Has anyone tried one?

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4 days 12 hours ago #40473 by ccchappell
Replied by ccchappell on topic Nelo Vanquish Surfski
Yes, I have one - an XXL Air version that have been paddling for a couple of weeks. (I'm 93kg) Great boat for me. Really a slightly detuned 560, not a faster 550. But the little extra stability it offers fits my intermediate skills nicely. Still need to paddle more in some ocean conditions to compare to 550 and 560 better, but my 550 will still be my go to boat for moderate to large conditions... Also I am very surprised with the Air construction. My boat weights 8.3kg, my wifes 9.1 and they are much more substantial then I anticipated. Yes the gelcoat is slightly less perfect but can only tell when sitting next to an SCS...hard to even see in the pics. I'll post some more information/review once I've been able to get some more bucket time. So far my wife agrees on my assessment...her primary boat is a 550L.

In the pics, you can see the extra volume in the tail, slight chine and the extended concave.

Full disclosure I am a Nelo dealer here in US.

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