Prolonged cold's (+5*C to -25*C) effect on carbon skis

6 years 8 months ago #30170 by SurfskiEstonia
Dear forum members,

I have a carbon-kevlar surfski from Nelo (WWR construction) and a full carbon slalom kayak, which I may be forced to store in an old ship container on-land for the winter.

Our winters are generally around -10*C to 0*C, with a few weeks of -15*C and a few day of -25*C.

Do You think it poses a danger to the integrity of the materials or the seams? Should I definitely get them inside? Really interested in your thoughts! Thanks!!

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6 years 8 months ago #30171 by agooding2
I've kept my fiberglass, Kevlar and carbon fiber canoes in an unheated garage during the winter in the northeast, upstate New York , where it regularly gets down to -25 degrees Fahrenheit and never had an issue. Plastic might have an issue if you flexed it when it was frozen, but never had an issue with those either.

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6 years 8 months ago #30172 by MCImes
This has been discussed a lot on other forums, and the consensus is that composite boats have very little to worry about, temperature wise at least.
Plastic boats can cold-crack because plastic has a different rate of contraction/expansion vs aluminum or wood, but this is mostly applicable to north american open canoes which have gunwales made from a different material than the boat. Since most skis are single material (meaning composite/wood/metal. Obviously the composite group covers different cloths)

I have a SR advantage as well as 2 kevlar american canoes that are stored in an unheated garage with no ill effects at colder temps, down to -10ish Fahrenheit

I'd say you should be fine.

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