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7 years 11 months ago #25993 by Simon Haywood
Hi all,

I started paddling late 2011 - after I bought my first ski, I researched this paddling game and in particular downwind paddling. I decided that a Huki S1-R might be a perfect ski for me...I'm 6'2", over 115kg and not particularly fit with no technique or average 'C' grade paddler with no intention of moving from there.
The West Coast of Australia is along way from California...So getting a Huki was always going to be difficult.
I like to buy & sell and I've owned lots of skis in that time (in excess of 20!). Always looking for a ski that might make up for some of my deficiencies.
In our local trading publication I found an advert for this Huki S1-R, it was built for the guy selling it - with a wider bucket, vacuum glass/carbon almost perfect fit for me. This ski was well used and not particularily well looked after...And the price asked & paid was reflective of that (not much!)...Both parties were happy with the deal.
The ski leaked...Damaged venturi drain, damage to the nose & tail, rudder(damaged) had been pushed through the bottom of the ski (repaired (cosmetically) - not very well structually), footboard/rails, pedals, cable were damaged and corroded and leg length was too short for me. There were 120 dents, dings & gouges in the hull & deck.
My offsider at work was once a boat builder (since retired) and I've messed around with boats all my part therapy, part something to do after work over a beer we decided to refresh & remodel this Huki.
We made a composite footboard from some Stellar & Fenn parts, lifted and re-engineered the side and centre rail, re-worked a 9" Stellar rudder and fitted it with a Huki shaft, new inspection port (just for cosmetic reasons). we added carbon (centre) hand grips (the block of wood was the template/mould), re-did the steering using dyneema line, made and fitted new scuppers for the venturis, ground out the repairs and re-did them, filled and faired the ski and repainted the ski using 2 pack polyurethane paint - Stellar's Zinc Yellow to match some of my other skis.
About 15 hours work spread over 6 weeks and about a carton and half of beer!

Previous craft: Affinity, Endorfinn, Multisport, Epic V8, V10sport, V10, V12, Fenn Swordfish, Spirit PRS Elite; Stellar S18S, SR, SE, SEL, S2E, S2EL

Current Skis:
Huki S1-R
Stellar S18S - Excel
Stellar SR - Ultra

Skis on order: None!
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7 years 11 months ago - 7 years 11 months ago #25998 by Fath2o
Thank you Simon love the story and the video.
The S1-R has a reputation for being a fantastic downwind performance surfski with great stability. Especially like the part about the beer though. :lol:
Great job on the boat too!
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7 years 11 months ago - 7 years 11 months ago #26012 by Cryder
Ski rehab is great therapy! Great video and story.

I inherited an abused first-gen V10 Sport Ultra a couple of years ago, and decided to fix it up. It had been "stored" in a backyard; was caked in mud, full of grass, moss and mold. Dings, scrapes and duct tape scars everywhere. A proper hot mess. When I brought it home my wife was less than impressed... :D In my defense, I offered that the first-gen Ultra's are very light!!!

Can't stand looking at an ugly ski and decided to fix it up. Pressure washed, scrubbed, then reworked the stained goatcoat to become glossy gelcoat again. You'd never know the ski was from ding row looking at it now. It sat in storage for about a year, and then a promising young college student white water paddler appeared and wanted to race ski's, so off it went to a new home. Final touch was to use a V14 seat inserted into the bucket (the first gen V10Ultra buckets are ginormous) so that the new paddler could sit in it and not rattle around!

Every time I see the ski on the water, I smile when I remember what it was when I found it. And then I remember to take to good care of the skis I have. *shudder*

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