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2 years 1 month ago #39635 by davide
LS Tarpon was created by davide
I am looking for a robust ski that can handle some bigger waves. My beautiful Blue-fin - lovely as it is on downwinds - is proving fragile when caught by larger waves and is now in for repairs for the 5th time.
I'm not an expert paddler, am over the R100kg mark required for most skis, and am looking for advice.
I like the spec LS skis but they are a little tippy and tight for me, but I've been reading about the Fenn LS Tarpon, which is meant to be more stable than the standard LS, but still good at riding waves.

Does anyone have:
a) Feedback on the Fenn LS Tarpon
b) A Tarpon to test paddle (Cape town - deep south if possible). They seem to be rare and I have yet to see one around
c) Any other advice on robust play skis for larger paddlers.

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2 years 1 month ago #39637 by mickeyA
Replied by mickeyA on topic LS Tarpon
Fenn Tarpon S deep seat should fit the bill, if you can find one. Btw, the letters “LS” are used for the name of Fenn’s more tippy spec model, so if you ask for “LS Tarpon”, some may think “LS”, while most would probably know you mean “Tarpon”. The Tarpon S deep seat is much more stable than other spec skis I’ve tried, seat is nice and wide, and as is the case for all specs, they are more durable than ocean skis. That said, smashing waves in shallow water can destroy anything. I bought my Tarpon S new (shipped to US) soon after they transitioned to the “S” version (did not even know that’s what I was getting until it arrived), and soon before the fire. So I’m not even sure if they are making Tarpon S right now. I’m surprised there are not more stable specs out there for those that like to surf on bigger days and maybe not enter official SLSA races. The huge swell that hit Australia a couple months ago had nothing but specs go out to surf. Good luck.

KR McGregor Rhythm, V10Sport, Swordfish S, Fenn Tarpon S, Fenn XT, Twogood Chalupski, Findeisen Stinger spec. Had: V12, Stellar SE, Huki S1-X, Burton wedge2, Fenn Tarpon

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2 years 3 weeks ago - 2 years 3 weeks ago #39676 by STC67
Replied by STC67 on topic LS Tarpon
I'm not sure you can get these Tarpons in Aust any more? Does anyone know?

Otherwise I am looking at a plastic boat after seeing the videos of Margret River guys catching big waves on plastics.
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2 years 3 weeks ago #39680 by davide
Replied by davide on topic LS Tarpon
I used to own the Epic V7 tupperware version around 10 years ago, and bought it specifically to ride larger waves. It's tough, rough and rides waves very easily. It came standard with a large hatch behind the cockpit covered by a soft hatchcover which was secured via a drawstring system. This failed on numerous occasions when I was caught in big white water. What a disaster. It floods the boat instantly and the boat effectively sinks. I tried using duct tape to hold the cover in position but the force of a breaking wave makes a mockery of any McGyver fixes.
So I had to sell it on. The family who bought it are still using it, but more for river expeditions and easy coastal paddling.
If Epic has since made the hatchcover solid with a screwtop or something more solid than a drawstring, I would definitely recommend this boat for wave riding. It has the added advantage of pushing the spray out sideways, whereas most surfskis wrap the bow wave around the nose rails and aim it straight for the paddlers eyes.
The only other problem I had was the sun. If left in the sun too long the plastic changes shape to any force applied to it - such as roof racks.

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1 year 11 months ago #39736 by paddlepop71
Replied by paddlepop71 on topic LS Tarpon
You could also source the Fenn LS Fennix. It's the new mould post fire so shape of bow a bit different to the original. It comes in 2 versions : shallow seat and deep seat. Deep seat felt nice and stable.

We have a dealer here in Europe they are rare to find second hand.

Good luck!

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