Re: Epic V10, V10L, V10S - Choosing the right boat for Brighton

15 years 9 months ago #2081 by jsowers
I have a V10 ultra and one thing about the V10 which isn't often mentioned, is the windage on and off the water caused by the very deep (or perhaps tall) bow. No doubt the deep bow is advantageous in big waves but seems to me if anything a negative in calmer waters. I haven't tried a V10L so perhaps should not even comment but the V10L bow profile is closer to my Mako, and I do perceive a significant difference in windage between the two boats. Since I'm not in big waves the deep profile offer no real advantage and really think that a 10L is more appropriate for me, and perhaps for your conditions.

Also would agree that ultra is nice but no doubt fragile and not impact friendly. If you bump against anything at a minimum will scratch or a least leave a shallow dent. My older Mako is carbon not vacuum bagged so close in weight and impact resistance to Epic performance construction. The extra wight compared to ultra doesn't seem to me that big of a negative and it sure is more robust.

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15 years 9 months ago #2082 by Jeany
Thank you so much for all your feedback. I am so glad I found this community.

I will gladly take your advise and will start to try out some boats. Thanks Steward for offering the trial of the Legends.

If there are any local reps in London or Brighton, I am also keen to hear from you.

Oh, and please bear with me, I am a Newbie ;)


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