Epic V10, V10L, V10S - Choosing the right boat for Brighton

15 years 9 months ago #2078 by Jeany
After years of searching for a k1 which offers the speed of a river sprint kayak but is suitable for the sea, I feel spoiled for choice with the Epic kayaks.

Could you let me know your thoughts if the Epic V10, Epic V10L or Epic V10S (or how about a Fenn or Think kayak?) is more suitable for the following conditions:
- sea kayaking in Brighton (UK)
- stony beach with no landing
- average wave conditions (none of the high waves you guys are describing)
- suitable for someone who spent their teenage life in an Olympic river kayak but hasn't paddled for 2 decades

Reading your feedback on the forum makes the choice even more complex, as
- the V10 Sport sounds great but has the disadvantage of the big seat and seems to be targeted at beginners,
- the V10 L is said to be a bit twitchy,
- the V10 is for great heavy sea conditions which are unlikely in Britain

I am after a fast and fun boat suitable for the Brighton sea, while considering the hazard of a stony beach as well as being a bit rusty not having paddled for a while. It's the only boat I am going to buy, so I am looking forward to your thoughts.

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15 years 9 months ago #2079 by Stew
I would suggest that you get the ski that suits you better, rather than try match the prevailing conditions.

And try as many as you can before you buy, I certainly wouldn't buy a ski based on what a few internet reviews say.

Check with each of the manufacturers to see who the have as a local rep and try them out.

And a shameless plug..... I've got two Legends available in London if you would like to try them. ;D

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15 years 9 months ago #2080 by James L
I bought a V10L ultra just before xmas and use it for ocean padling and river stuff, did 16klms this morning, with a mate who paddles a carbon K1 and my V10L keeps up as long as the tide isnt running too hard against us

I love my ski and appreciate the 10kg weight in many ways however having dinged & repaired it once I'd be cautious of the ultra if your landing onto rocky beaches unless you are very careful... it doesnt like hitting hard objects especially another Epic V10L ultra as we found out the hard way!

I do agree with stewart though check out what fits you best... and as a relative novice I'd say the L is not too tippy

Good luck


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