Epic Trackmaster rudder problem

5 years 3 months ago #33988 by Selkie
Calling anyone who owns an Epic V6, 18X 16X etc with the Trackmaster rudder. The rudder started to turn one way only. Taking the deck cap off I can turn the crossbar with no effect to the rudder. If I tighten the bolt more, I can't move the rudder. I took it apart and the bit that confuses me is that the black sleeve has a castle style notch at both ends. The top end is to lock in the crossbar for the rudder cables. The bottom should slot onto 2 metal lugs to turn the rudder. On close inspection, the lugs have completely disintegrated. The V6 has been owned for 18 months and paddled approx 3 times a week. Always rinsed off and stored upside down. 

For the metal lugs to have broken off instead of the plastic sleeve it connects to, there must have been some sort of electrolysis taking place with different metals in seawater.   

This must have happened to other owners. Has anyone come up with a fix for this. I can only see the whole rudder tail and fittings needing to be replaced.

I can't post photos on here, but here is a link to a FB post on this: www.facebook.com/groups/395803743862021/...nk/1979168465525533/

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