Re: V10L Ultra vs Performance weight vs $

16 years 2 weeks ago #1057 by stuartknaggs
As others have said, the Ultra or other carbon vac skis are strong but susceptible to dings. If this is your only ski, I would go for a more robust model for daily use. If you have an unlimited budget, get the top ski for racing. Or buy the top model but be prepared to change it every season like the top paddlers do.

My 2c.

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16 years 2 weeks ago #1058 by James L
after much research and a few test paddles i went for the V10L Ultra & I am stoked with it!

it was a tough decision about spending the extra cash but i can tell you if nothing else every time i lift it onto the roof of the car I smile & confirm the extra bucks were VERY well spent!

On the water the ski is great to paddle and super comfy, it fits my build perferctly, feels like a bucket seat in a nice car, hugs the body making you feel at one with it which in turn gives great stability, or freedom of movement on the water.

I have been paddling regularly with my mate (who also got the ultra) on flat water & he's been in his awesome Max kayak carbon Viper K1 (8kg) and the V10L ultra keeps up! he's a better paddler and fitter & i would say the only time the V10 looses out is if there is a strong head current or we are super sprinting where the K1's top speed, & probably his fitness, wears me down.

I did my first long ocean paddle at the Coffs OC campionships 25k downwind leg and had a ball!

I will say though i have had an altercation where we both ended up paddling in on the same wave after an ocean traing session and both lost our skis which both had to be repaired after they came together and got scratched and digned.

These skis are not designed to play crash'n derby! that does make me a little nervous sometimes but remember they are for ocean paddling and catching runs (& waves out wide @ wategoes!) not shore breaks.
Awesome ski & very happy with it!
Worth every cent and makes me want to paddle more & more!

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  • Alain Jaques
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16 years 2 weeks ago #1059 by Alain Jaques
Replied by Alain Jaques on topic Re: V10L Ultra vs Performance weight vs $
Congratulations on the Ultra. Tell me about the damage and how you got it repaired. I am paranoid about dinging mine, there are warnings all over the boat and Epic website about taking extra care. I am interested to learn that a ding can be repaired.

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