Surfskiing Mozambique

12 years 4 months ago #9673 by jo.rademeyer
A couple of guys at our canoe club are keen to do a trip to Maputo, Mozambique for some surfskiing. We have a few options there:

1. Maputo harbour to Inhaca island, its about a 40 km channel crossing.
2. Macaneta river and estuary then paddle up/down the beach.

The Macaneta river flows into Maputo bay and estuary, we thought of starting 10km upstream, going into the estuary, and then up or down the beach depending on the wind. The Maputo to Inhaca crossing is a bit more complex and we would need a backup boat, but could be fun.

Just looking to see if there is any interest from the Natal okes or surfski'ers from Gauteng itching to get in the ocean? Suggestions welcome!

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