Review: Kayak Racks from RackItUp

12 years 5 months ago #9603 by portmanm
Recently purchased 3 skis and wanted a solution that was strong, lightweight, removable and fully adjustable for different ski widths. Found RackItUp for $99 AUD ($69 Xmas special) per set. You can read the specs on their website.

They were easy to install. Took a while to work out the height spacings between each ski. They promote that you can hang your paddles on the hooks - however, I found them more a hinderance for getting the ski's in and out of the racks plus my width spacing was too big to hang the paddles on the shaft.

The 3 ski's vary in width from 43cm - 56cm. Cradles are adjustable and had no problems accepting different widths.

I was thinking the hard plastic cradles would need some soft padding added but after some use, it's pretty handy to have the ability to slide the ski's easily. Doesn't scratch the ski's.

Very handy for working on the ski when in the racks. At the right height you can make ski adjustments quickly and with no hassle.

If I'm doing some work in the garage and need extra room, it's very easy to slide the supports off the brackets.

I've added some pictures of my setup to help understand the above.

Note: I'm not a RackItUp rep - just a consumer.

Could have done this in timber myself but I really like the ability to quickly remove the brackets. The Xmas price was too good and save me a weekend of fiddling around with timber prototypes.

Hope you found this useful.

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