Custom Zeplin?

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12 years 6 months ago #8559 by gnome
Custom Zeplin? was created by gnome
Whats it like if you under 85kg Im 80kg? Too big and gets blown about too much?
How big is the hump I have short legs and find the Green7 and Fenn elite humps too high and too long.
I find the G7 too tippy for me out in the ocean in side chop. I got the G7 to do everything. Flat races and ocean. The G7 is same as the race kayak I have so need some differnce between the race boat and the ocean boat. More stability is a must. Also thinking Synergy, but some say there isnt much stability differnce between the G7 and Synergy. Flat water speed not important really, but dont want a barge either.
Who sells them around Australia.

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