A look at the Epic V10 Sport Limited Edition

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8 months 3 days ago #39755 by rhainan
I just got in a new V10 Sport LE in the Elite layup. I think it's a pretty rare boat in most places except possibly Australia. I'm betting most paddlers in North America aren't even aware of it's existence. The hull is the same as the regular Sport so general handling characteristics are unchanged. What really makes it "Limited" is the bucket. I believe Epic uses the V11 cockpit on this boat which really snugs things up. I never had a problem with the regular Sport bucket, but I have heard from others that the regular cockpit is a bit wide for the liking. Well, this solves that issue. The real nice touch is that the smaller bucket now frees up space for the inclusion of side carry handles.I'm practically a 100% flat water river paddler. Perhaps this is why I never had issues with the regular size cockpit. I imagine downwind people really appreciate being more snug. But, the V11 cockpit really works better for me as I'm a smaller dude. I suppose petite ladies will appreciate it as well.

A definite niche for the Limited Edition Sport and the V10 Sport in general is in USCA racing. Many races in the Northeast and Mid Atlantic USA use USCA boat classes which include a "Touring" division. Think of this as the intermediate class that limits boats to a maximum length of 6.1 meters with a 10.16 cm water line beam of at least 43 cm. The V10 Sport just fits into that classification and thus is usually well represented at USCA races and the national championships.

This boat is in Epic's new Elite color. It's not quite grey and its not quite white. I'm not particularly artistic so I'll call it "grite". If it was an automobile it would be "mist" or "London Fog". I like it. The black Elite boats were sexy but they showed the scratches a little too well. Plus, "grite" is not supposed to get too hot. Not a problem for Pennsylvania, but I guess it was an issue for people who live where the sun shines.

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8 months 3 days ago #39756 by zachhandler
I believe rudder and bucket are moved forward which would affect downwind handling.

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8 months 2 days ago #39759 by Epicpaddler
Definitely rare in the US. Probably one of one. Very cool looking. Not sure I'd like Epic's new color scheme, but that boat makes it look pretty classy. I miss the carry handles when I upgraded my v8pro to a g3 V10. Hope it paddles as good as it looks.

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