SK protecting the brain aging?

3 years 2 months ago #38251 by Charivari
The brain is aging and with the right healthy lifestyle (healthy food, sport, social contacts, intellectual challenges...) you cannot avoid this, but to extend the healthy life time (and if the degeneration happens it will be accelerated). Dancing activates many brain areas, due to the coordination of thousand of muscles, which is a perfect brain training effect.
DK How the brain works?
Surfski, with it's complex balance and body coordination should also be a very brain-friendly sport.
Is there any information about this topic around?

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Replied by Wombat661 on topic SK protecting the brain aging?
There was a big study on brain aging. David Snowdon followed nuns for many years.
His conclusion was good outlook in life, exercise and density in thought is good prevention on Alzheimer.
Of course, nuns don't go surfsking hahaha, but people interpreted that as use it or loose it argument. The more you use your brain and the deeper you use your brain, the better.
Surfski helps with exercise, use of brain in balancing perhaps and if you are enjoying the sport, you have good outlook on life.
If you have to study the waves and recognize pattern, that is a lot of thought to process. You have to balance on top of that. David looked for density of thoughts on nun's essay, so I would say surfski downwind is similar.

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