V12g1 vs SEL g2

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I own black tip V12 g1.  There is a good condition SEL available, supposedly g2, but I think they just copied the latest website description (“new for 2016...”).  Not sure of layup yet.  Is there any circumstance I trade out of my older but mint V12 g1 performance?  Maybe if it were lighter/ultra layup?  I read 3 pages on g2 SEL here and cannot tell which is better, g1 or g2, for SEL.  Or under no  situation do I swap out my Epic?  I like my V12, paddle mainly flat with it, and SF S or V10Sport for rough.  I am thinking I should sit pat, but wanted to make sure I’m not passing up a great deal if I  could get newer model and lighter layup.  Thanks

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I am a huge fan of v12g1. Not a boat that turns easily downwind, but as fast as anything on the flat and insane amounts of secondary stability. I find the bucket incredibly comfortable, and the hump, which was considered low when it came out but is high by modern standards, actually adds a great deal of control. 

If you are considering the stellar try before you buy. G1 stellars had a board flat bucket that was accommodating of wider bodies but not widely loved for comfort. G2 is much better by all accounts, and probably a decent ski. But try before you buy. I have owned v12g2, elite s, vega, paddled SEA on the flat extensively, and tried many other brands at least briefly. I have yet to find a ski i like on the flat or confused chop as much as v12g1. 

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2 years 4 months ago #37146 by arminius
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I used to own a v12 g1 and now own an SEL. The v12 has outstanding secondary stability and a very comfortable seat layout plus the best Venturi out there. The downside of the v12 in my experience was that the nose was all over the place when punching into the wind and downright scary when turning across broken waves. The SEL is much more sedate and predictable. The first thing a did when I got my SEL was to remove the venturis and install an Epic Venturi. A couple of hours of carbon work but absolutely worth it. If I had to choose between the two again I would go for the SEL again because I can paddle at the same speed without having to compensate for the wild bow motion which is a lot less core effort. In a perfect world though I'd have the v12 deck and the SEL hull. 

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2 years 4 months ago #37148 by wesley
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So have owned both and agree with Zack and Arminius. The SEL 2G is what I call a tweener ski between the top end intermediate skis and the advance skis. SEL 2G Excel is a very good all-around ski with a relaxed bucket, easy to remount, decent speed, and good stability, and loose downwind.  It is sensitive to trim. So one or two clicks in the footplate adjustment means it handles pretty good to not handling that good particularly upwind chop.
When I first reviewed the SEL 2G in 2015, I was coming off paddling the SES 1G for years in all conditions so it felt really stable for me. A year ago I bought within a month of each other an SEL 1G excel and an SEL 2G excel which I had not paddled either in 4 years. So my opinion of the SEL 1G has not changed and I actually raced in the 2019 East Coast champs and accomplished my goal of 2hrs or less and felt great. Put a Think bucket in an SEL 1G and update the cockpit and leave the hull as is, and move the rudder forward 1 inch and I would be the first one to buy one. 
I paddled the SEL 2G for another year off and on in 2019.  It was during this time frame, having reviewed many skis since then that I came away with the opinion that I needed to be trimmed correctly and it was loose handling downwind. So unlike some great tracking skis downwind, I had to anticipate its movements and adjust. I paddled this ski for 2 years consistently in all conditions and did well in my races. I sold it both a few months ago to make room for more skis. I sold the SEL 2G to one of the top sailing grinders in the world who I gave a lesson to as well. He is enjoying the ski as his first ski. He ultra-fit, and young. 
Sometimes I wish I had the V12 1G ultra. Like Zack said, phenomenal secondary stability but at its worst in upwind quartering seas with the bow moving all the time, but it was fast on flat water and ocean. So If you got an SEL 2G excel layup I think you would enjoy it provided you played with the perfect leg length and realize the bucket while comfortable, you need to have good posture since the default seating position is not necessarily upright like the Epics, Thinks, etc.  

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