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5 years 4 months ago #33373 by Heald
Hi all
I am currently paddling a Stellar early Gen 1 SEI ( advantage ). I am thinking it is time for a new boat, as the current one is getting a bit shabby (and heavy) It has served me well, and would happily replace with another, but in a lighter layup build. I am 105kg, so am looking at replacement boats with a good capacity. I have paddled a V10 sport, and also liked that boat. 
Another boat on my radar is the Swordfish S, which seems somewhat cheaper than the other two over here, even in Carbon or hybrid build. I will of course need to find one to have a test paddle, but wanting to find the designed max paddler weight. The Stellar list the SEI at around 130kg and Epic V10S at 136 kg and the V10 a whomping 140kg paddler weight max. 
So, at 105kg, would the Swordfish / s be OK?

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5 years 4 months ago #33376 by mickeyA
I weigh about 100-105kg and test paddled SF S carbon at Gorge (8 mile Downwind) and it was fine.  I paddled the v8pro ultra the prior year at Gorge and bluefin S glass last year. Including a test run on a Boost, they all easily allowed water in the bucket at my hips when at crest of wave.  The SF S did not.  I guess due to higher rails, but possibly due to lighter layup, or both.  With more experience and better technique, I am sure none of the boats would swamp so easily from the sides, I.e. it is my fault.  But, logic would suggest that the drier boat supports my weight better.  I am renting SF S glass this year.  I notice the Think skis list lower max weight than Epic and Stellar, while Fenn has no posted max weight.  What would happen if I got in a Think with a capacity a bit under my weight?  Would it sink?  I Think not.  It just probably would perform a little less than optimum.  At 105, I say you should not worry about capacity of SF S.  There are others on this forum with much more experience than me with SF S that could support or contradict my opinion.

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5 years 3 months ago #33384 by davgdavg
You'll be more than fine at 105 in a Swordfish.  

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5 years 3 months ago #33402 by Newbflat
I’m 90 kilos/200 lbs and find my Swordfish S perfect.  So settled in the rough stuff. I switched from a V10s (current gen) to a Stellar SR and then to a SF-S and couldn’t be happier. It’s a much better surfing ski than the V10S. Put a good rudder on it (DK) and have a blast.  At least for my weight and skill it has an unusual feeling. Every time I get in the ski it feels kinda tippy, but the rougher and more confused it gets the more planted it feels. To me the V10s felt just the opposite. 


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