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6 years 7 months ago #29568 by MCImes
Carbonology Feather was created by MCImes
I saw this add for an unusual boat (for the USA) and it peaked my interest; a Carbonology Feather.

Looking up specs, I found this picture; Doing a waterfall drop in a 16.5" (41.5CM) boat is supremely impressive to me.

Anyways, I love the idea of a SOT K1, as I have always thought a non-bulkhead K1 is silly. I hate boats that dont float at least a little after capsize. This seems like a good compromise of re-mount-ability and stupid fast speed. Pair that with the unreasonable good stability skills of a guy going over a drop in a 16" boat and I am in awe.

Does anyone paddle the Feather? I'll probably never achieve the stability necessary to paddle it, but i am intrigued by the idea of a SOT K1. Is it as fast as a true K1? Just dreaming of being better than I am =)

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6 years 7 months ago #29570 by Oskar
Replied by Oskar on topic Carbonology Feather
Google "cradock weir fish river". Even more fun is Keith's Flyover on the same river.

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6 years 7 months ago #29571 by Spacehopper
Replied by Spacehopper on topic Carbonology Feather
I had the UK demo one (which may have been a/the prototype?) on loan - think I might have done a short write up on it somewhere on the forum.

K1 ski is definitely a great idea - I think they've changed the rules in SA to allow them but this is the only attempt at producing one that I'm aware of.

Can't really comment on speed as the boat was as I wasn't stable enough in it to really get it going consistently. It's meant to be stability 2 (ish) I think.

Downsides of the boat - mainly the basic drains - just two big tubes with no valves. Great for going down a WW river but a bit useless when doing intervals in training as you end up sitting in a bath if you stop for 10 seconds. Hopefully something they've improved on later versions. Build quality was a bit rough around the edges (as I say - may have been the prototype so that may be the reason).

Good sides - a lot easier to sort out if you capsize obviously. Possibly also more rigid/stronger than a conventional K1.

I think the rules need to change internationally for the idea to really take off and maybe it would be better if they made one for the more stable end of the market.

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