V- 10 20lbs 55 M.P.H. at sea?

8 years 1 month ago #25908 by Joseph
G' Day,
Just the Fact please I must see this on the Gulf with 6 ft short steep vert water coming at you in 50 m.p.h. air we can hardly stand on a beach in that for get a boat in the water,, A 125 lb. person- 20lb Surf Ski with 50 m.p.h. air on open water to weather here would never be seen again, lighter Ski's do not do this Weather Work with ease in some conditions as skis being blown about when high on big water to weather, Beam + Run's being diff dogs in a 20 lb. ski or any Ski we have to be good at all and some conditions do not tend to be nice to a 20 lb. boat with a light weight driver.
We find good paddlers here getting rid of lite Skis and using 28 to 34 lb. skis so as to play on the Gulf condition for comfort in 20/25 Kt. of air and still getting blowing about with years at sea .
Yes Sir Light is mite on the Flat as light bike's are great for some riding like on a indoor track if you know what your doing, I ride a " On Me 18lb Mt. Bike" around the trail here and love it, why easy to carry, Sadly living in the real world of Bikes and Surf Skis it is not the Money Spent to go fast but Ego, Oz trainer years ago told us in a class it would take most of us 3 to 5 years to understand the Ski in all condition the sea may come up with if we take time to understand how to use the sea were most do not give there Ski or Self time to understand each other or the water they paddle on. Fact Is always as with anything in life the Driver, Talent, with a bit knowing and luck about what you are doing To master the Toy, The Toy is just the tool . A 2.00 or $ 10.00 + cost Screw Driver if you turn it left the screw will come out and Rt. go back in, it has little to do with cost, is life not just that easy and simple.

Cheers Be Safe Joseph


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