The Rec, Paddler are not we all?

7 years 8 months ago #25852 by Joseph
G' Day,
If were not getting paid to play on our Ski are we not all Rec, paddlers ? First your to young to think like that Sir most all in life we must keep at it to keep at it. nothing get's easy to do as we age we must act our age at 84 and paddling for the past + or - 25 years this is Fact. I teach Tai Chi great for balance, I have a simple work out and do not over do, The speed bag work outs and the Simple Plank for Total Core work out + a pint or two or a good single malt. Jeeezzzzz, South Africa with the zar is a great place today the best in 2016 to buy any ones Ski I care not who's there all about the same today and there are no fast Surf Ski's just fast drivers maybe + or - a Bit 15/20 of them in the world and we are not in that loop were are with if honest the 80% no talent group so move the body and stay on the water in your comfort zone.
I paddle a Carbonalogy Sport Surf I love the Spec Ski but this one only on the Flat or small bump just to stay in condition it is way to much boat for my self at sea on a slop and choppy day, but taking the easy way is silly, no fun, and teaches Nothing so you will give up the sport. I have on order in for a Carbonalogy Zest more of a middle of the road ski at 25 lb's and there is the rub and were age comes to play the sport I have is 34lbs, after training in it for a slow 6/8 miles the Ski :laugh: do feel like 50lbs. to me and I like and believe in a heavy Ski at Sea but my Body do not.
You have at least another 20 years of paddling find what works for your self and have Fun, Fun is the Key.
Stay well & Good luck we need more older Foxes out paddling. Cheers Joseph


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