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8 years 2 months ago #25707 by 10153461960835954@facebook
Hello there, I'm considering a Carbonology Feather, I hope to try one in a few weeks. Is there anyone out there with experience in one. Or does anyone own one and want to share their thoughts. I'm 6'1 and 90 kgs. Bit hard for us in Tasmania to see/trial boats

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8 years 2 months ago #25711 by Mike Blake
Replied by Mike Blake on topic Carbonology Feather
I would also welcome any feedback on the Carbonology Boost if someone out there has paddled one.

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8 years 3 weeks ago #26004 by Spacehopper
Replied by Spacehopper on topic Carbonology Feather
I've been kindly leant a Feather to test out for a few weeks, by the Carbonology dealer here in the UK.

I generally paddle my Pulse in flatwater races & training at the moment, which is probably perfectly adequate for my skills, fitness and stability. I therefore don't have much recent K1 experience and very little in stability 1-3 boats to compare from.

Probably also fair to point out that I think this was one of the early ones and in the downriver spec - does somewhat have the feel of a prototype with some rough edges.

After approx 3 x 1-2 hour paddles (and two swims - both alongside the pontoon.. :silly: .) my impressions so far:

The good:
  • Smaller and lighter than the Pulse.
  • Outdone my best 500m time in the Pulse despite being a way away from fully stable - think the less wetted surface area compared to a 20' ski helps for a small paddler.
  • Leg length gets short enough for a shortarse like me.
  • Pretty close fit in the bucket (me - 30" waist) and with no real hump so leg drive better than most skis
  • Cockpit stays pretty dry even with the drains plugged.
  • Stability not as low as I maybe expected - probably a 3?
  • Fall in and you can be up and carrying the boat home in under 15 seconds - quite a bonus over a conventional K1 for those of us that train on icy winter nights. :huh:

The drawbacks:
  • The drains - two bits approx 1" diameter plastic hose as bailers and no hump means the boat fills up in about 10 seconds - certainly not ideal on a canal with 5deg water! I think other drain options may be available on request.
  • Build quality - this particular boat definitely has a bit of a prototype feel about it. Kevlar fibres sprouting out of any through deck areas. A hatch just threaded into the deck itself. Noticeable creases in the kevlar layup on the removeable cockpit cover. I know SA downriver boats are expendable so it's kind of understandable - but I'd want to see something better for a marathon spec one.
  • The overstern rudder - not keen on this but I believe an understern is available. Messes up the balance of the boat on your shoulder and heavy and awkward to steer with.

  • There's definitely some potential there - I certainly prefer the idea of a ski style K1, but it's up against the status quo. The Feather seems a good stab at the idea, but with some room for improvement. If I'm honest I really didn't like the boat on the first paddle, but it is definitely starting to grow on me...

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