Surf Skis That I feel more should be useing

6 years 9 months ago #25689 by Joseph
G' Day All,
The Spec or Lifeguard Surf Ski 19'x19" With 25ish years paddling most all Surf Skis and Spending the first 8 or 10 on Spec Skis I miss them. I have been using a Carbonology 33lb not spec weight that is 39/40 lb. that is a bitch to carry for my self the Spec brings back the feel of what a Surf Ski Was and should be, starting with seating in this ski with a Bucket 5 1/2" deep and a Heal Plate well 2 1/4" lower, Gone is The am I Paddling in a Hole and up hill I have no understanding how the short of arm and body do this? my self 6;3" 170lb Man not better maybe an edge having longer arms in the pit I know not. Now I must be Honest pushing 85 years the fact being my Balance and timing is not the same as 58 years old when starting in Spec Skis so I can not be comfortable on the slop and chop open water any longer with the Spec. so on to the flat or baby swell I go but the old Surf Ski Feel is back. ''Note here on Balance still Teaching T'ai Chi and being into the M Arts years gone by + still working on the core do help but Nada :laugh: Nothing will beat a Young in condition Body on a Ski or much ell's in life.''
I have ordered a more stable 20 ft. Carbonology at 25 lb. that will be more stable for open water for my self, I will keep the Spec for the feel even on the flat, I have always felt 19ft x 19 inch Ski the best on open water for the slop and the run on any water a Man can paddle on, easy to re mount always better on the short steep Gulf of Mexico trash, the older Spec Skis were not so great as a going to weather unit but the New, at least ones I have paddled the Fenn LS and the one I am now using seem fine, as far as in Most Runs at least the larger The Driver being of the Same talent I feel and have seen the Spec here on the Gulf Faster, more fun, easy to Move about on and Safer to be on.

My 10 cent worth and Keep an open mind do not go into life being a lemming do what you like and feel comfortable doing.
Cheers Joseph


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6 years 9 months ago #25690 by Hacker Mike
Being on any ski at 85 is quite an achievement. Hats off to you

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