Belt Leash instead of Leg Leash

8 years 10 months ago #24346 by Colnagodreaming
Defintely interested in using a belt leash, as an alternative to the leg leash most of us use here in Australia. Rob kindly posted some pictures of his set up, with the quick release fitting recently. Would appreciate answers to the following questions though:

What is the advantage of belt leash over leg leash?
Where does one purchase these leashes (available in Aus?)
How does the leash attach to the PFD (or body)?
How long should it be (ie how much slack should there be in the leash when seated in the cockpit)?
What is the correct term for the "quick release" fitting Rob used in his photo?


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8 years 10 months ago #24347 by Flowmaster
These belts are used in sup surfing, the river (white water) guys prefer these for safety reasons. Same speed release system would be ok as wel for SKI, these belts would easely fit, no problems with PFD


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8 years 9 months ago - 8 years 9 months ago #24354 by Watto
I have the same setup as Rob, having trialled a whole range of versions. One of my options is a stainless ring-pull quick release, the other as Rob has, some knotted cord. Both seem to work ok - even though the ring attachment looks a little bit clanky it works just fine.

Advantage - in event of some nasty you won't dislocate anything and as much as I can tell just get dragged centrally.

Where from: I got mine from the Paddling Centre however can't see anything there now (site soo sloooww to load atm).

Attaches like a belt with a quick release buckle.

Length - any leash attaches to the belt (large stainless D ring).

Only hitch I've had with the belt leash no pun intended has been getting caught up getting back into the boat. Had to get out in some messy stuff off Marina wall caught up in braid fishing line. I was a fair way off the wall in choppy stuff and the braid was floating but unseen. Anyway didn't have the heart to strip all his gear so got out and did the right thing (was caught around rudder). Anyway I found getting back into boat a bit messy with leash around my backside once in. That is I'd remounted port side without adjusting anything and the leash coming from my waist was on my right side as I swung up side saddle, so leash went from centre attachment around rhs side of my body to attachment on belt at front. When around your calf any tangle easy to adjust but not from waist.

Look that was pretty much a one-off so maybe it's just a matter of adjusting your kit before getting back in. I use waist leash either right out the back catching waves (not breaking onto beach) and as back-up in the car in case forgotten leg leash strap as on this day.

You're in Australia Colnagodreaming (hey try a Boardman AiR 9.8 dreaming) so give Whitworths a go

The quick release fitting is a snapshackle - prices and sizes ranging from $10-$60. The Ronstan below is Rolls Roycey stuff, spec'd way beyond forces we're dealing with. I have Ronstan gear but for paddling ones I buy $15-$20 max.
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8 years 9 months ago #24379 by JML
Replied by JML on topic Belt Leash instead of Leg Leash
Have a look at this combination.
Probably the safest around.

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8 years 9 months ago #24385 by steveb

I had toyed with the idea of a belt leash attachment for some time. While using a leg leash I personally did not like the amount of coiled leash in the foot well, or how it would become jammed in the new EPIC bailer. I also however, did not want to wear an extra belt.

I sewed a loop into some 1" nylon webbing and then sewed the webbing to the bottom adjustment straps of my MOCKE vest. I have used a snap shackle, but I find a Velcro release (with a pull assist) works best for me. I have practiced remounts with a 4' and 6' coiled leash in a variety of wind/wave conditions and have been very satisfied with the results. I find I have less tangles with the coiled leash when remounting, fits nicely between my thighs when paddling and does not hinder my use of the bailer. The Velcro release easily reattaches to the calf cuff if I choose to use it.

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