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9 years 11 months ago #20981 by Cometa
Learning more was created by Cometa
Early morns are bringing more glass, and with the calmness I find that I habitually weight one hip (L) more than the other. Trying to rectify by creating new muscle memory/strength through straight line paddling- picking a distant (app 1/4 mile) object to sight on, paddle to, then sight another creating a zig-zag focus to focus pattern concentrating on even balance. Any thoughts?
Paddled first race, short 3 mile, finished 12/24. Think I'm hooked.
And took v12 into ocean for a big slice of humble pie. Small 1'-2' day but it was like starting all over. Waves straight on were no problem, it was running parallel to shore with beam swells that proved troubling. Finally found a slight angle into the wave with a strong trough stroke followed by a crest stroke sort of evened things out. On right track?

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