How to fit a spec ski

9 years 8 months ago #15114 by lukeclarkson
If I am buying a second hand spec ski how can I find out if it fits me before I go all the way to look at it.
Eg Is there a measurement I can take from the back of the seat to footwell that will tell me it suits my height?
My height is 175cm with an inside leg seam of 820mm.


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9 years 7 months ago #15122 by RedBack
Replied by RedBack on topic Re: How to fit a spec ski
Hi Luke,

It's probably going to depend on the make of Spec Ski.

However, to give you a rough guide I'm 172cm tall and have an inside (groin to heal) measurement of 76cm.

I have a Hayden PR2 and the distance from the footwell (healpoint) to the deepest part of the seatwell is 83cm. This is a straight-line horizontal measurement.

Measuring from the bottom of the footwell to the bottom of the seatwell (up and over the "hump") the distance is 88cm.

There's probably a rough formula in there somewhere!

Remember though, you can pad both the rudder pedals and the footwells with super-high-density, closed-cell foam up a thickness of maybe 2cm, so if the ski is a little long, it might be possible to make minor adjustments.

Good luck.

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