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1 year 3 months ago #40350 by Kartras
Mango Racing Waverider2 Surfski info was created by Kartras
Hi Guys,

Firstly thank for the add to the group. Im living on the Sunshine Coast and looking to get back into paddling.
I used to to a bit of whitewater recreational paddling and play a fair bit of canoe polo.
Looking at getting into surfski paddling for some exercise and recreation.

Im 6'2" and of larger proportions 105-110kg and looking for a ski.

Just saw a Mango racing ski waverider 2 come available locally and was wondering if anybody has any information on them.It has adjustable pedals so seat/cockpit length should not be an issue, I was wondering if anyone knows if it would suit my bulk. and also is it a stable craft.
I am paddling an old dolphin dominator at the mo which sits very low in the water when paddling and the seat is too small for my ass. It is also a bit too unstable for me. So and info on another ski that may suit would be helpful.

Kind Regards, and a Happy Easter


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