Carbonology Sport Surf/SurfX for longer distances

1 year 11 months ago #39972 by gin_n_teutonic
Anybody paddled the Carbonology Sport Surf / SurfX for longer distances instead of just surfing a break? Flat water? Chop? Not necessarily open ocean, but I'm curious about that too...
I know it's a spec ski and comports to those design restrictions, but it does appear to have a longer wetted surface than the Fenn LS or the Epis SLS10. Not quite as upturned at the bow?
Also: the seat position of the Surf / SurfX - is it identical to the other CS skis?
I'm 6'3", 195lbs. Currently in my first boat still, Nelo 510. Have been paddling for 6 months now and am hooked.
I'm in the SF Bay/East Bay. Lots of chop, afternoon rollers: apparently tide/wind driven - not ocean swells.

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1 year 11 months ago #40001 by mickeyA
I cannot answer your specific questions, but there was one of these skis at Gorge Downwind Champs last week. It was the only spec ski design there, though it is not to specifications—way lighter than 39+ lb requirement. I always thought a light spec design with rocker, relatively short 19’, and nose to help prevent pearling was a good idea for short period, steep Gorge waves. The trend for ocean skis at Gorge is shorter/more rocker—features specs have.
I think that ski did fine (beat me).
As a general rule, spec ski designs are not great for flat water, long distance. Might do fine in confused chop, if not too tippy, but really meant for surfing waves.

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