Stellar SEA vs Epic V12

1 year 9 months ago #39702 by InTheSoup
Hello, I am looking to get a new boat, I am 6'1" 200 lbs.
I test paddled a friends SEA for 12 Miles and thought it was a pretty good boat, fast, light, bucket fit me well.

Does anyone have any insight on how the SEA compares to V12 in terms of build quality, speed, and durability?

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1 year 9 months ago #39704 by zachhandler
Replied by zachhandler on topic Stellar SEA vs Epic V12
Which gen v12? I have paddled gen 1 and 2 extensively and had an SEA for a month but only used on flat water.

Both brands are excellent build quality. Compared to the 2 early generation epics the SEA felt like it had less primary stability. It for me (165lbs) had a a noticeable wobble in little 10-15 cm waves even compared to the v12 g1 which was known for loose primary and solid secondary. I would be curious if others found that or it was just me.

I never paddled the SEA downwind. Saw a friend do it and it looked like it carves well. I am a big fan of tail rocker and low volume tails (See my gushing review of the Vega downwind).

Remount on the SEA is not something you want to do often. Rails sharp like a knife!

Bucket comfort was fine on the SEA. Better for me than G2 but worse than G1 epic. All butts are different. Fortunately the SEA cockpit is not the porcelain bathtub of old. I wish I knew how the v12 G3 bucket fits me so I would know if I should order one!

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