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2 years 10 months ago #37973 by Charivari
NK strom 610 was created by Charivari
I'm looking for my first surfski.
What are the pros and cons on a individual perspective to the new NK strom 610?

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2 years 10 months ago #37979 by M.v.E.
Replied by M.v.E. on topic NK strom 610
Well I don´t know your background but the Storm 610 is not considered as a beginners boat! I paddled it briefly in 2019 in calm water. It felt pretty fast and I could handle it in flatwater but in rough water it would be too tippy for me.
Last year I also had the opportunity for a solid downwind paddle in the NK Squall 580. That was fun. In terms of stability I would compare the Squall with the Epic V 8 PRO. I really like the weights of the NK Surfskis! The finish also looks superb 
especially the black CarbonLite S Version.     

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2 years 10 months ago #37982 by CT
Replied by CT on topic NK strom 610
The Storm is a fast Ski. I looked at it for my first but settled on the Squall 58. Storm was just too tippy for my lack of experience (leisure flat water). Squall has been great to get into the sport. Was able to get technical on flat water then move to Fast ski flat water then able to move to catching runners and bumps, purchased mid July. I’ve paddled V8, V8pro and V10L Sport. The Squall is between V10sport and V8pro, basically similar the new V9 spec. I’m loving the NK but perhaps as a recommendation u could compare the V9 and V8 pro as a comparison. 
im 176cm, 84kg. 

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2 years 10 months ago #37983 by Paddlehead
Replied by Paddlehead on topic NK strom 610
I moved from a gen 3 v10 to the storm 610. Personally, prefer the NK over the Epic. The storm has slightly less primary stability, but over time I have adjusted to this. I suspect it has more secondary than the Epic. I am more comfortable in the rough stuff in the Storm. Flat water speed is similar. The rudders are excellent.
If you are a beginner it may be too much boat. If you are a learner in flat, warm water, why not!
I've paddled and owned a lot of boats and the Storm feels like it sits between a Swordfish and Fenn Elite S, probably closer to a Swordfish. It feels faster and slightly twitchier than a Swordie.
Nice boat. A keeper.

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2 years 10 months ago #37997 by jodiec
Replied by jodiec on topic NK strom 610
The Storm 610 is best described as an advanced intermediate ski. It is definitely not a stable intermediate ski which is where the Squall 580 comes in. Having paddled the V10 and the swordfish, I would say the 610 has more top end speed and is the most responsive and maneuverable of the three. It is marginally less stable the the swordfish but I found that after about 30minutes I grew used to the stability difference and didn't notice after that. If you were 65kg or less than I would suggest looking at the 570 (lower volume version of the 610) which is unbelievably maneuverable and has been given a bit  more speed compared to the previous 57 version. Ergonomics wise you feel very over the stroke and I would say that NK gave away a little stability to ensure the ergonomics were not compromised. The construction and finish is what sets it apart from the rest. Epic make nice boats and were the bench mark for a long time in terms of finish but the new prepreg skis from NK stand out from the crowd. My 610 is 9.5kg and that is the middle weight version; it is light and very stiff. I have seen one of the distributors turn his boat over (a carbonX model 8.4kg) and stand on it. From my experience thus far they seem to have the strength to match. In terms of cons, the only thing I can think off is that the external coating is a 2pack paint and not gelcoat so not as scratch resistant but the 2pack paint is probably a bit easier to repair if necessary compared to finishing gelcoat. 
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2 years 10 months ago #37999 by Watto
Replied by Watto on topic NK strom 610
Welcome to a brilliant sport Charivari. As pointed out above, depends very much on your background which includes age, athletic/sporting experience and obviously paddling experience (you may come from downriver paddling for example).  Long service leave payout on retirement has gifted me not one but two Nordics, a Squall 580 CarbonX 49cms at 9 kg  and Storm 610 Carbonlite 45cms (a seconds buy) at 9.5kg. Had a Squall 58 before these - a top boat at 11kg Pro version. Prior to these paddled Stellars - SES, SEI and SR. Paddled plenty of boats - love Nordics, fantastic for a whole range of reasons. Anyway, not selling the brand so back to the boats.

Storm while less stable than the Squall I find manageable in conditions low 20 knots though I start to fight the boat when it gets sloppy with cross chop (balance has deteriorated with age unfortunately) and certainly in really big stuff 25-28 knots upwards. Having said that wind speed or even swell height not necessarily true indicator of conditions. A strong breeze from behind with a following swell can be very cruisy compared to lower wind and swell from differing directions, throw in some funny currents or tide as well.  As comments above and throughout all threads, the conditions you paddle in determine the paddler you become. The more you paddle the better you get. As I've said in previous threads, I don't mind the challenge of a tippier boat, to feel at least a little out of my comfort zone. I've certainly bitten off more than I can chew in the past but nothing life-threatening - that is our conditions pretty benign with warm water, largely onshore winds and swell and a generally accessible coastline. My point - what is your predisposition? Are you ready to be challenged and prepared to put your arse out there and the time in to get better? If not, get a Squall 580 and work your way up. Stability above ability etc.

Probably a straighter answer to your question re pro's and con's is it depends. A negative is the relative tippiness of a Storm vs a Squall (talking Nordics), however a pro is they're faster. A con with the Squall is slower (marginally frankly) but obviously a boat you can get in anytime and have a ball. If you're reasonably capable, patient and ambitious, go the Storm unless of course you're struggling to stay upright on the flat.

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