Epic Gen1 V8 Double vs Nelo 600 Double

3 years 7 months ago #37433 by Jonathansanborn
I have paddled the Nelo 600 once I think in The Gorge, it went well with a pretty lite (120lb) paddler in the back, very little pearling.  I recently paddle my V8double in steep waves and it seemed like we were underwater a lot. Partner was a bit heavier (150lb), but felt like it was more the boat. I am just over 200 and am wondering if I am too heavy for double paddling in steep waves, if I need to sit in the back, if my pilot skills (steering/position/timing) are lacking, if I need a different boat or what? I was in front on both occasions, but am wondering with the rear steering on the Nelo if I would have better luck keeping the boat above water sitting in back. I know I would get lots less water in my face :) V8Double on Lake Mille Lacs, MN
Thanks for any help, Jonathan

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3 years 7 months ago #37434 by wesley
I think it is pretty well known that your experience is similar to others with the V8 double flooding. I have talked to several paddlers in New England where this happens.  I have paddled Nelo double in flatter conditions and must say it was a FUN ski since so stable. I have paddled Stellar doubles too though they are more advanced skis. 

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