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13 years 8 months ago #4671 by gingerninja
DD3 was created by gingerninja
Hi, was wondering if i could get some feedback on the DD3 albatross ocean ski?

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13 years 8 months ago #4679 by chrisinmanly
Replied by chrisinmanly on topic Re:DD3
Sure, I have an Albatross and it is really an excellent ski in all conditions. Recently, I raced a 20km flatwater marathon in the Albatross and I felt comfortable the whole way, had great speed, comparable to the K1's and lighter carbon ski's in my category.

My boat is made out of material called Soric, so weighs about 13.5 kgs, however they now come in lighter carbon editions too. The Soric is pretty good, I'm farily rough with my gear and it hasn't had any issues at all in 2 years.

In the open water the main advantages are the the way it surfs decent swell, it keeps its line perfectly and it is also solid in side swell, I found the Fenn I had a nightmare in tricky conditions, where as the Albatross loves it. I suspect the way the nose of the boat is shaped helps in both of these areas. The quality of the built is comparable to other mainstream brands.

The only downside is that my ski is an earlier model, so it only has one venturi - however the newer models have 2 which I reckon is a plus. Anyway, if I had more cash I would by another one in carobn :)

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