Red7 Surf 70 or Epic V10

17 years 2 months ago #368 by MFB
Red7 Surf 70 or Epic V10 was created by MFB
Hi all,

Im planning to upgrade my old burton ultimate wedge. I've read about the Red 7 surf 70 and the technology that went behind it. Its also what Dawid Mocke is using! Any idea when this will be out? Hope they keep the pricing similar to what is currently being offered. I still have sea freight to my country to consider. Their website is currently down so I cant get any more info.

The epic v10 is currently available in hongkong which is quite near to me. However, I've read the the build is kinda delicate and the rudder is not as sturdy (it gets bent). Also the price is almost double than that of the red7.

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