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I'm currently using a MaxPaddle J-Tech which measures at 49x16.4 cm, so maybe 740 sq cm and it looks like a parallel blade with some twist. Too big for me to pull hard on for more than about 5-10 minutes, though I can go for a few hours at a slow 60 strokes per minute if I don't use any force with it.

Tried a Stellar Small Wing and that seemed dull, maybe the lack of twist, so I'm trying to decide between the Braca IV-60 in either 670 and 705 blade sizes or possibly the Braca XI or the Flyer Jr/Small that Fast Kayak imports from South Africa.

I want something I can go on long races (10 plus miles) or training runs (12-20 miles) with quicker turnover and more force applied.

Any thoughts?

-- Andrew

Nelo 550L, Streuer Fejna, Nelo Viper 55
Braca XI 705 EL blade, 17K shaft
Braca XI 675 marathon blade, 19K shaft
Braca IV 670 soft blade, 19K shaft
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