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One of the flat water races I did last year had a very long portage ("carry" if you're not from Canada) on paved roads, and I'm a terrible runner. I got passed by a bunch of people with various carts and wheel arrangements, mostly on kayaks rather than skis. Can anybody point me to some plans for set of wheels or a cart that could be carried on a ski (maybe on the rear bungees) and which would be quick to put on and take off. It only needs to hold up the rear of the ski while I carry the nose, so probably only two wheels are needed.

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Check the construction principle of that trail tracker on ebay.ca, type: kayak cart tail tracker; or tail trekker, tailtrekker etc.

Easily done as DIY:
One would make it less wide (fit to your hull) and smaller, but this "clamping" principle is easiest for putting on/off fast, you then fix the rope/bungee of that cart with a small plastic carabiner to the deck bungees: done. Wheels s.b. clip-on/clip-off type wheels.

use google's "find similar pictures" option on the pic below and see different versions:
link www.stripersonline.com/surftalk/topic/47...crate-mod/?p=7307512

There are quite some DIY foldable kayak cart constructions on the net made of a metal bar with plastic pipes around it, pipe fittings (t-joints ect.), flexible tubes/hoses (as one half of the yoke) and spool-shaped bow rollers (from boat trailers or use plastic winding spools), which follow this principle,
see e.g. www.instructables.com/id/Kayak-Cart-1/
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