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Better way to teach Fwd. stroke!

13 years 4 months ago #6195 by wannagofast
Im a second year paddler. ( in terms of racing.)
I have questions below mixed with thinking outloud.

Its been really frustrating to learn the minut details of fwd stroke. Most can tell me about the 5 major components of the stroke. No one helps with the hair splitting details.
1. What does the spoon look like under the water? Its angles thru the whole stroke. Is it fixed or transitioning? or what?

Depending on how the spoon travels through the water will influence the portion of the paddle sticking out of the water. My next question was about the portion of the paddle above the water. Have I answered my own question? ( Sounds like what came first, the chicken or the egg?)

2. Should we teach paddling technique from the spoons travel thru. the water and how this influences the paddle and your body positioning? Is this already the teaching method.

A cartoon character might be a way to illustrate technique and spoon travel and angles. You could show the paddle beneath the water. You could use a screen writer to highlight anngles at catch and points between the exit.

I would also like to see proper stroke from above, below, front and back.

So where do I find this video???????

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