Lucky escape for paddlers in Cape Town

7 years 6 months ago #24263 by [email protected]
Last night a pair of relative beginners set off for a reverse Millers Run - problem was the wind was strong and increasing, and it was late in the evening.

The reverse Millers Run is often looked upon as an easy option - because the wind is offshore, the runs start gently and they're usually relatively clean and easy to ride.

But when it gets really strong, and especially if there's any west component in the northwester, it sometimes creates a kind of "hurricane alley" in the section about 2km out from Millers Point.

"Hurricane Alley" means: 30-40kt gusts raising sheets of spray and kicking up 1m steep chop DIRECTLY OFFSHORE.

These are really dangerous conditions - especially if you're there in fading light.

I was caught in similar conditions about two months ago - and it was very unpleasant. I also lost my buddy who came off, got back on, was blown back towards Simonstown... Eventually he came in at the north ramp - by which time I had already called NSRI.

So - the lesson is be very careful when the wind is strong - and be aware that conditions can change. The day we were caught out, it started off blowing about 20kt, but it was MUCH stronger by the time we got down there. We were also too late in the day...

Very glad these guys made it.

Here's the NSRI press release.


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7 years 6 months ago #24274 by Colnagodreaming
Hi Rob

thanks for the story, see my version from Mauritius recently. Missed you this year

Thinking about coming across to do one of these one year after the MOC. Perhaps from Mauritius to Durban and then to Capetown for one of your Millers (reverse) run

Tom Matthews

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