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12 years 7 months ago #8865 by islandgm

I have decided to enter

which is in Gaudalupe and only a short hop for me by plane. This will be the first race I have done in 16 years and I am keen to get my training right as i build up to April.

At the moment I ride an Epic V10, have no stability issues and ride a pretty solid downwind most mornings, so comfortable over about 10k's. I paddle every morning for an hour x 5 days a week and then do a 10k once a week + 2 days a week of core in the gym.

Please would you offer me some advice or suggestions as to how I manage my training to ensure that I can handle the longer distances. I am open to any and all advice I can get?


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12 years 7 months ago #8875 by Rightarmbad
20k distance still falls into the same energy balance as a 10k really, just a little bit more conservative.
Assuming you are doing it in under 2 hours anyways.

So you have really already had a good base for the job at hand.

2 hours is long enough that in some conditions you may have to start considering your hydration and realistically, over that distance you your best bet would be an Gatorade type drink.
So get used to carrying and drinking on the fly.
You won't need much, but the time out suggests that there will be a performance gain in doing so.

Try and get out for the distance every now and again just so you know of any discomfort issues that may arise and to get a feel for the slightly slower pacing required if it is a slog.

But otherwise, you are already doing just fine.

If you really want to get keen, you can get some structured intervals aimed at that distance and play around with a taper that suits you, to put in action, so you arrive on race day fresh.

(If you were really ,really keen, you would have a H/R monitor and know intimately your anaerobic threshold and the pacing required to complete the particular distance.)

The extra distance also puts more emphasis on learning to get the water to help you, practice taking on some smaller slower runs instead of busting through them, and try and save a little energy early on in the race.

I honestly don't think you will have any problems with the extra distance.
Just get out there and do it a couple of times in training and get you confidence up.

Don't forget to stretch......


I know jack shit.
Any coaching quals I have expired 5 to 10 years ago.
I haven't raced for over 5 years.
Everybody on this forum that never bothers to post probably knows more than me.
Don't trust some knob on the interwebs for anything important to you.

Oh, and buy a faster boat, as he who has the most toys wins.

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