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7 months 2 weeks ago #39863 by Gooch
I had an AHA Moment

I have always struggled with my Posture, I know that I tend to roll my back to much especially when going harder. I have also had issues with a sore tailbone from my leg drive on longer efforts.

I had a friend go out in my Ski (V10 Sport) and move the foot brace, when I got back in it, it was two clicks back from my normal position. I originally set it based on the simple rule that your knees should be a fist width away from the top of the hump. What that measurement does not account for is how far back in the bucket your butt is.

Visual needed here. So with my legs out to far I was sliding down into the bucket, rolling my back down into the bucket and by proxy curving my back starting from my hips following the contour of the bucket. The result was an inevitable rounded back needed to reach out the the foot brace. Some what counter intuitively, my moving my feet closer I also slid my butt forward and BOOM my back was straight

The good news is I feel completely different, it is much easier to sit upright when you are not stretching your legs out. The bad news is 5 years of training the wrong smaller muscles groups to adapt to the my poor form.

So strangely now that my feet are closer I press less into the curve of the bucket, tail bone pain is gone, posture (straight back) is far more achievable and my leg drive hip rotation is much better. Side note- hip rotation is a bit of a two way street, one legs pulls you in while the other one pushes out (stroke side) which sets you up for the reverse rotation.

This is not as much a question as a revelation I thought worth sharing if others have had posture challenges. Picture is old posture

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