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I'm looking at getting a Fenn LS (deep seat) to compliment my Stellar SR. Not to race, just to have some fun in the surf.

A couple of questions;

1. where does it fit in the Fenn/Stellar range as far as flat water speed. Is it as quick as a Bluefin / S18S ? On a flatwater training paddle will I fall much behind training partners who I currently keep up with?

2. where does it fit in the Fenn/Stellar range as far as stability? Is it as stable as an XT / SR ? I don't want to get any less stable for surf paddling.

I know I will have to trade some speed & stability ratio off for the weight, strength and surfability of a Spec ski. Just not sure how much.

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11 months 1 week ago #38943 by mickeyA
Replied by mickeyA on topic Fenn LS speed & Stability
Spec skis are not made for flatwater speed.  They are surfskis, so they are fast, relative to plastic kayaks, maybe even some sea kayaks, but not as fast as ocean skis, such as stellar SR.  Spec skis are THE BEST for surfing ocean swells somewhat near the beach.  I hesitate to say “waves” because any craft will get damaged in large steep waves crashing into the shallow sand near the beach.  I’m talking about waves/swells in ~5 feet or more depth.  Spec skis are the way to go for this.
I have the Fenn Tarpon S, deep seat, adjustable foot plates, which is more stable than the LS.  if I am surfing for fun, vs SLSA competitions, the added stability is very welcome since surfing, by nature, involves rough conditions.  My spec ski is stable, probably between XT and bluefin, or between v8 pro and v8, and guessing between stellar SR and S18S.  The LS should be about one grade up (less stable).
So, I would say LS may be somewhat less stable than SR and XT and should be comparable speed on flats to bluefin and S18S.  if you are able to have two boats, use SR on flats and Tarpon S or LS on incoming swells (avoid shallow water breaks!).

KR McGregor Rhythm, V10Sport, Swordfish S, Fenn Tarpon S, Fenn XT, Twogood Chalupski, Findeisen Stinger spec. Had: V12, Stellar SE, Huki S1-X, Burton wedge2, Fenn Tarpon
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11 months 2 days ago #39031 by STC67
Replied by STC67 on topic Fenn LS speed & Stability
A further update as I was able to demo paddle a Fennix deep seat LS in flat water conditions. Basically everything MickeyA said is correct. It is a bit more unstable than my Stellar SR, not unmanageable in flatwater conditions but definitely noticeable. It was a bit slower but some of this was no doubt due to the increased instability. I could quite keep up in the efforts with other SR paddlers that I can usually match. Again, it wasn't unworkable and I think extra speed would come with more practice.

Notwithstanding this was in flat water and I am looking to use in surf conditions so I will be ordering the Tarpon.

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